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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

29 October Iraq Special Weapons News

US Policy
United Nations
Reconstruction Issues
Foreign Reactions
News Reports

Current Operations

  • DoD Foresees No Change in Iraq Survey Group Mission AFPS 29 Oct 2003 -- American officials have no plans to move personnel or other assets from the Iraq Survey Group to bolster counterterrorism efforts, a senior Defense Department official said here today.
  • Iraq: U.S. Wrestles With Intelligence Questions As Attacks Intensify RFE/RL 29 Oct 2003 -- Who is responsible for the recent wave of deadly attacks in and around Baghdad? U.S. military officials in Iraq seem to be of two minds. One version largely puts the blame on former Ba'ath Party officials. Another points to foreign infiltrators.
  • PENTAGON/TERRORISM VOA 29 Oct 2003 -- A senior defense official says consideration is being given to pulling intelligence assets off the hunt in Iraq for weapons of mass destruction and assigning them to counter-terrorism efforts.

  • Transcript: Comptroller and Undersecretary of Defense Dov Zakheim briefs on Iraq Donors Conference 29 Oct 2003 -- Obviously, we're very, very pleased with the outcome, for a number of reasons. First, 73 countries is, as I recollect, the most that have ever come together for anything like this. Second, the amount of money that was raised, 13 (billion) to 18 billion (dollars) -- and I'll explain what the range is about -- is the most that's ever been raised at a conference of this kind, or even, I'm told, with respect to some of the Balkan conferences, multiple conferences, of this kind.Third, what these numbers do not include, but are certainly not insignificant, are the contributions in kind of technical support, of export credits, of all kinds of educational support."
  • 3 U.S. Soldiers Killed, 7 Ukrainians Wounded in Iraq AFPS 29 Oct 2003 -- Two soldiers were killed and one was wounded Oct. 28 when their Abrams main battle tank struck a land mine or a roadside improvised explosive device, Combined Joint Task Force 7 officials in Baghdad, Iraq, said today.
  • Common Commitment Unifies Multinational Division Troops AFPS 29 Oct 2003 -- It's probably one of the most diverse military units ever established: a 10,000-man division made up of soldiers from 21 countries who speak 17 different languages and have different equipment, operating procedures and rules of engagement.
  • Snipers Bring School to Iraqi Desert AFPS 29 Oct 2003 -- For most people, the U.S. Army Sniper School at Fort Benning, Ga., conjures up images of soldiers in camouflage sneaking around the densely wooded training grounds of western Georgia, learning to kill the enemy stealthily with high-powered rifles.
  • IRAQ / ATTACKS VOA 29 Oct 2003 -- An attack north of Baghdad late Tuesday left two U-S soldiers dead and another injured. The deaths pushed to 117 the number of American soldiers killed in Iraq since President Bush declared major combat operations over May 1st.
  • Iraq: U.S. Soldiers In Tikrit Say They Are Staying On Mission RFE/RL 29 Oct 2003 -- U.S. troops based in Tikrit say they have found hardship as well as a few unexpected pleasures serving in Saddam Hussein's former hometown. They also say they are tired of the U.S. media's description of coalition forces as frustrated and demoralized. To the contrary, they say, they are ready to stay in Iraq until their mission -- defined by some as "helping the Iraqi people" -- is complete.
  • Iraq: Bush Says U.S. Troops Not Intimidated By Attacks RFE/RL 29 Oct 2003 -- U.S. President George W. Bush said yesterday the United States will stay the course in Iraq and will not be intimidated by a new wave of deadly bombings.


US Policy

  • BUSH / IRAQ / POL VOA 29 Oct 2003 -- President Bush is vowing to stay the course in Iraq despite some recent public opinion polls indicating growing concern over U-S casualties there.
  • EDITORIAL: BUSH DEPLORES BAGHDAD BOMBINGS VOA 29 Oct 2003 -- More than thirty people were killed in a series of suicide bombings in Baghdad on October 27th, the first day of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. One blast occurred near a Red Cross building. Three other explosions hit Iraqi police stations. The day before, terrorists struck the al-Rasheed Hotel in the center of Baghdad. The hotel houses members of the U.S.-led coalition.

United Nations

Reconstruction Issues

  • Employment and Training Centers Planned for Iraq Washington File 29 Oct 2003 -- A Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) plan to establish employment and job training centers throughout Iraq aims to create new jobs and speed the process of rebuilding, according to U.S. and Iraqi officials involved in the plan.
  • Iraqi Civil Defense Corps Grows in Numbers and Role AFPS 29 Oct 2003 -- Sgt. Amin Aanan, who served more than 10 years in Saddam Hussein's army, calls it a way to help reverse the horrendous damages of the old regime while serving the city and country he loves. Capt. Musab Joseph was attracted by the opportunity to protect his family while launching what most of his friends and neighbors consider a prestigious career.
  • WORLD BANK IRAQ VOA 29 Oct 2003 -- The President of the World Bank Wednesday expressed satisfaction with the amount of money to rebuild Iraq that was pledged last week at a meeting in Madrid,Spain.
  • Iraq: Concerns At UN About Coalition's Takeover Of Oil-For-Food Program RFE/RL 29 Oct 2003 -- With time winding down before the United Nations phases out Iraq's oil-for-food program, some Security Council officials have raised concern about the continuity of humanitarian supplies to the country. The director of the program, Benon Sevan, said billions of dollars in contracts for goods will be transferred to the U.S.-led coalition by the deadline of 21 November, but he urged more speed and flexibility by all parties involved to keep supplies flowing.
  • IRAQ / PASSPORTS VOA 29 Oct 2003 -- Iraqis have been lining up for hours and sometimes days in front of the interior ministry to get their hands on something that, just a few months ago, seemed impossible--documents that will allow them to travel abroad.
  • IRAQ/SWAT TEAM VOA 29 Oct 2003 -- To cope with the growing number of terrorist attacks on coalition forces and soft civilian targets, Iraq is training a new police unit in urban warfare.

Foreign Reactions

  • Turkey and Iran Can Help U.S. Promote Democracy in Iraq Washington File 29 Oct 2003 -- Turkey and Iran are being seen as new players in the U.S. push for democratization in Iraq, according to panelists at the 57th Annual Conference of the Middle East Institute held at the National Press Club in Washington October 22-23.
  • ICRC / IRAQ VOA 29 Oct 2003 -- The International Committee of the Red Cross says it is pulling some of its international staff out of Iraq following Monday's bombing of its building in Baghdad. But the Red Cross says it will continue its humanitarian work in Iraq.

News Reports

  • Iraqi American Recounts Recent Iraq Reconstruction Experience Washington File 29 Oct 2003 -- An Iraqi American who spent nearly three months working on reconstruction projects in Iraq said some of his most valued memories of the experience are of the smiles on the faces of Iraqis he saw every day.
  • IRAQ: IN WAKE OF 'RAMADAN OFFENSIVE' THE U.S. MUST 'STAND FIRM' US Dept. of State IIP, Foreign media Reaction October 29, 2003
  • IRAQ: Focus on Iranian Kurd refugees IRIN 29 Oct 2003 -- After 24 years of waiting, Iranian Kurds at the Al-Tash camp, near Al-Ramadi in western Iraq, say they are again waiting to be allowed to move to a new home. Community leaders say they want to move to northern Iraq, since they claim the Iranian government will not allow most of them to return home. Those who feel they could return worry that their children will not be allowed to attend school or will be ostracised.

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