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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Iran not waiting for EU-Zionist permission on defense issues

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, March 6, IRNA -- Government spokesman Mohammad Baqer Nobakht said that Iran's actions in connection with defensive power is not pending on the call of the Zionist regime and the European Union and there is no topic for discussion on the table.

Nobakht made the remarks in an address to a press conference in Tehran on Tuesday.

Asked about precondition for Iranian foreign minister's Tehran visit, he said, 'Both this question and its answers have been repeated for several times due to the importance of the issue and our response is also repeated; of course, we have answered Americans that the JCPOA should be implemented in the same text it has and in this connection Europeans are with us.'

Nobakht said, 'However, the Europeans themselves also discussed that if the issues are raised to restrict our defensive power, we have repeatedly heard from different levels of the country, from the highest official, that is the Supreme Leader, to the second person, who is president and other officials, that we will do to what extent deemed necessary.'

He said, 'Does French government get permission of others for its arms? Of course, we might be in contrast with the governments in terms of interests, but we will do our own job; we have told the US, the UK and France also that they should not interfere in the region which is not their business and that they should not provide the Saudis with arms to kill people of Yemen and due to the same reason, we say our demands with power.'

On enrichment, he said Iran will do the enrichment in proportion to its needs and do it when it wishes. 'As far as the JCPOA is concerned, we could regain all our rights of enrichment in the fuel cycle but limited it to some extent to make the goals against us clear to the world people and the world knows today who acts on their promises and who breaches their promises; so we will not sit on the negotiation table with those breaching promises.'


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