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Zimbabwe rejects media reports on uranium export to Iran

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Pretoria, Aug 10, IRNA -- Zimbabwe on Saturday rejected a report by British Newspaper "Times" concerning signing up a secret contract between Harare and Tehran to export uranium to Iran, calling it a story made up by the western media.

According to the report of South Africa News Agency, Zimbabwe's Minister of Mines and Mining Development Obert Moses Mpofu said, ˈWe are free to trade with all countries, but the Ministry has not signed any contract about uranium with Tehran.ˈ

He added this is the kind of story and misinformation usually made by the western media.

Mpofu went on to say when Zimbabwe is a free country, why should it sign a secret trade contract?

Times Newspaper wrote Friday that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to export uranium to Iran had been signed last year between Harare and Tehran, in spite of serious warning of Washington.

A Zimbabwean official from opposition party of Movement for Democratic Change under leadership of Morgan Richard Tsvangirai had also claimed that the MoU was signed because west had imposed sanctions against the country.


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