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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Iran's UN envoy: US should sit for talks with constructive, realist attitude

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

New York, Dec 29, IRNA -- Iran's representative office the in the United Nations reacted to the false allegations and propaganda of the American daily "Wall Street Journal" about Tehran's nuclear program.

The daily leveled allegations against Iran just ahead of the country's talks with the 5+1 about Tehran's nuclear program.

Spokesman of Iran's Representative Office the United Nations Alireza Miryousefi published an article in response to the Wall Street Journal's allegations.

In the article, he expressed regret that anytime there were talks of new round of negotiations between Tehran and the 5+1, certain attempts took place to sabotage them by raising false Iranophobia topics.

It said the latest case of such attempts was on the part of the US daily "Wall Street Journal" which published an article titled "the economic costs of a nuclear Iran" in which the authors elaborated on fantasy consequences of "a nuclear confrontation between Iran and Saudi Arabia" by offering intriguing and bizarre claims.

The first thing to point out about the article is the untrue claims of the authors and their wrong assumptions about Iran's utterly peaceful and non-military nuclear program which, quite contrary to what the article is trying to presume, has always pursued solely peaceful purposes, the article said.

It noted that years of rigorous scrutiny by the International Atomic Energy Agency experts never found any proofs to negate Iran's peaceful nuclear policies and objectives either.

Like other members of the nuclear watchdog, Iran, too, enjoys an inalienable right to have a full circle of nuclear fuel stated in the Non-Proliferation Treaty, it added.

Furthermore, the article stressed, Iran has in the past weeks attained promising progress in developing a "structured approach" towards future cooperation and the talks which are to convene in early January 2013.

Opposite what the "Wall Street Journal" is trying to say, Iran and Saudi Arabia enjoy normal relations as neighbors and as two regional countries share many historical, cultural and religious common points and interests which automatically reject as unreal the fantasies put forward by the writers of the American daily's article.

The statement went on the stress Iran's belief that the main goal behind such taletelling is to deviate the world public opinion and that of the regional nations in particular from the genuine threats the Middle East is facing because of the Zionist regime illegal nuclear arsenal and its sustaining occupations of Palestinian territories.

It stated that such Iranophobai issues aimed at lowering pressures on the Zionist regime and at the same time press the US administration to execute an agenda which will have no other consequences than substantial damage to America's national interests.

Miryousefi concluded his article by underlining that adoption and following a constructive and realistic approach by the US towards the upcoming talks between Iran and the 5+1, together with Iran's attempts to create a Middle East devoid of nuclear arms will guarantee peace and security in the region.

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