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Pres: Full implementing of subsidies law only way out of sanctions

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Dec 20, IRNA -- IRI President emphasizing only way for intact passage thru sanctions is full implementing of subsidies law said here Wednesday, 'There's nothing wrong with paying cash to people money earned from cut subsidies of fuel to manage their expenses themselves.'

According to IRNA, speaking on second anniversary of implementing the goal-orientation of subsidies law, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad further reiterated, 'This way is the best method and the entire elite economists in the world have approved of it, and I do not think anyone among the country's experts and analysts would believe there is no need for a major evolution in country's economy.'

He reiterated, 'The government prepared the economic evolution plan under seven axes, namely reforming the tax structure, reforming the banking system, changing the national currency, the customs law, and market regulation, out of which the customs law has been passed at the Parliament, while the full combination of these seven axes would provide for high productivity and advancement of our economy.'

Referring to the great importance of full implementation of the goal orientation of subsidies law, President Ahmadinejad reiterated, 'Even if this law had had no result, but changing the public beliefs of (our) nation and making them believe that we really can (do something great) we can (then) say that this project has had a great achievement.'

The president said, 'In era of the 9th Government we intended to implement the goal orientation of subsidies law and therefore, we had several session (of consultation with officials, experts with ideas in the field, and technicians.'

He added, 'In the year 2009 we were after implementing this plan, but some people believed since the elections were to be held the following year due to implementing this plan the government might have been toppled, but in reply to them we reiterated there is noting wrong with going away of a government due to solving a major problem in a country.'

Ahmadinejad noted we have not come to stay, as we have come to accomplish tasks and to solve the country's problems, adding, 'At that time juncture implementing the goal orientation plan was delayed, but as it was said at this session, it is not so that if a problem is not solved at the present time, in the future we would be capable of solving it with the same dimensions, as definitely new dimensions and complications would be added to it, particularly more so in the complicated economic field.'

Ahmadinejad said that implementing the goal orientation of subsidies has been a great event in the country and the entire nation and forces have played great roles in it, reiterating, 'Implementing this plan was a great achievement for the country and it should not be ruined, because this job was a signal light for performing the entire positive works in the future.'

The president emphasized that that due to the enemy's plots and the moves made by a limited number of people the hard currency market was messed up that its aftermaths must not be linked to the goal orientation of subsidies, further reiterating, 'Of course, if in any issue there would be insistence that definitely there must be a fault found in a certain work, problems would be attached to it. All those who had from the very beginning been opposed to implementing the goal orientation of subsidies (law) had first spoke about a 570% inflation, and eventually informed that there would be a 170% inflation, while everyone saw that it was not so, and the country's statistics should not be presented erroneously.'

Ahmadinejad reiterated, 'The greatest achievement of that plan was that we achieved the belief that it is possible to rule the country in a better way, and I believe Iran can very soon rank at the highest rates in the world, because there is nothing that this country lacks (for achieving that objective).'

The president stated, 'We could have implemented 100% of the goal orientation law at the first stage and faced no problem,' adding, 'Some people were arguing that by implementing this plan the country might face some problems. They have not known the Iranian nation and its capabilities, nor do they believe in this nation's might.'

Ahmadinejad added, 'For implementing the goal orientation of subsidies some people had assumed that probably two sectors of transportations and manufacturers would not cooperate, and they would be faced with problems, but after implementing that plan we noticed that both the transportation and the manufacturer sectors had the greatest level of cooperation with it, thanks to their high talents.'

Pointing out that there are great potentials in the country that we must release them, the president reiterated, 'The enemy assumes by imposing sanctions and mounting pressure they would manage to urge us to surrender (to their will), but I believe we can pass thru their plots; they wish to make us kneel down, but kneeling down is not our way, because it is for those who have not recognized themselves and do not believe in their capabilities.'

Ahmadinejad added, 'We can rapidly pass through the sanctions, place our country above them, delete their negative effects off our economy, and do something that the enemy's moves would end up in our favor, and this is in need of great decision making and bravery.'

He said, 'The economic status of the low income social classes has improved after the implementation of the goal orientation of subsidies. We must let this process continue as there is nothing wrong with this group's taking advantage of a satisfactory status of wellbeing and blessings in their lives. The subsidies are the people's money and they must be at their disposal so that the people should manage their expenses themselves.'

The president emphasized that making great moves is possible on condition that managing them would be in the hands of just one person, reiterating, 'The country's economy cannot be managed from various dimensions. Economy must be governed based on precise thinking, contemplation, and planning, and it is not possible to rule the economic issues with commands coming from various sources.'

Ahmadinejad said that his government was the cleanest government in the history of the country, reiterating, 'We need to construct our country hand in hand of each other, as the pride (for ding so) belongs to everyone and this government is the servant of the nation, having absolutely no claims and till the last day of our presence (at the scene) we would not spare any moment for working and spending efforts at the service of the nation and the country.'

The president said that the government has plans for passing thru this present stage, as the enemies' pressure is based on plans and programs, adding, 'I hope everyone would cooperate with the government in this way. This government has voluntarily accepted to carry this heavy burden and to make great moves in line with the advancement of the country; this is an appropriate opportunity for the country.'

Ahmadinejad said that increasing the people's power to buy more is necessary, arguing, 'Since in that case inflation would be meaningless.'

The president said, 'Some people were enthusiastically wishing to accuse the government of being corrupt; some people inside the county intended to slander the government, but they demolished the economy (instead).'

Addressing that group, President Ahmadinejad added, 'How much I requested them not to do so, I told them you wish to defame the government, but you are hitting against the entirety (of the system), while you yourselves are a part of that entirety.'

Ahmadinejad posed the question, 'What was happening in the country last year this time?' Reiterating, 'On pretext of violation of a group (of people) at a place they raised a hue and cry throughout the country so that out of fourteen importers of animal food in Iran four of them escaped from the country.'

The president added, 'We said if someone has committed a crime punish him; why do you make so much noise and accuse everyone? Why do you create an atmosphere of intimidation in the country's economy? Can the country's economy be rules amid fear and intimidation?'

The head of Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) said, 'I told the concerned officials, 'The banks are getting stocked, the whole country is getting stocked, of there are ten people that have violated the laws, well punish them.'

The president emphasized that performing great tasks is possible, adding, 'The required condition for doing so is having mutual understanding over great decision makings, but this train must have just one engineer.'

Pointing out that the country's economy cannot be managed from two different sections, Ahmadinejad reiterated, 'It is possible that good ideas would hit the heads of many of our friends, but should anyone with a good idea in his mind step forth and implement it? What will happen to the responsibilities then?'

He reiterated, 'A law was changed 11 times; is it possible under such conditions to program?'

Ahmadinejad added, 'We keep accusing each other; my question is: what is the use of these moves for the nation and for the economy?'

Stressing one more time that the low income social classes' statuses have improved ever since paying cash subsidies, reiterating, 'Is there anything wrong with the fact that the people's living standards have improved? These subsidies belong to the people and they must be managed by them themselves.'

Asking the question, 'Why must the people lose trust in their government? Emphasizing once again, 'This government is the cleanest government and many people have been mobilized hoping to accuse the government of a blot on its fame, but they have not (succeeded to do so).'

President Ahmadinejad pointed out, 'We have no claims in this country, but is it bad to analyze the country's entire affairs in the framework of the political and election affairs.'

He reiterated, 'The nation proved that it has a high capacity, that its cooperates, and that it demands that this job should be accomplished,' adding, 'But I am sure as soon as we would click the second phase of this plan that would be the beginning of the invasion (against the government).'

Secretary of the Goal Orientation of Subsidies Headquarters, Hassan Farzin, too, totally ruled out the argument of those who believe implementing this law led to the hard currency shock of this year, presenting facts and figures supporting his claim.

Minister of Economy and Treasure Seyyed Shahamseddin Hosseini, too, referring to the appropriate management and financial discipline of the government said that those two factors annulled many of the negative aftermaths that some people had predicted the implementation of the goal orientation of subsidies law would have.

Hosseini emphasized, 'This law turned Iran from the importer of many oil products into their produces and exporter.'

Energy Minister Majid Namjou, too, said that according to the International Energy Organization, Iran now ranks 14th in production of electricity in the world, reiterating, 'During the period that the 1st phase of this law has been implemented the country has save 68 billion kilowatt hours of electricity.'

Minister of Industries, Mines and Trade Mahdi Ghazanfari, too, said at the meeting that implementing the goal orientation of subsidies law led to increased investments, increased production, and increased exports of our country, reiterating, 'The industries and production more than being under the influence of the goal orientation of subsidies are under the influence of the atmosphere of the market and the increased goods' prices, too, are only one of the involved factors in the industries, that the industrialists can easily cope with.'

The minister reiterated, 'Implementing the 1st phase of this law has had lots of blessings and positive effects, and hopefully implementing the 2nd phase of it, too, would have similar blessings and positive effects, on condition that the appropriate atmosphere for trade and business would be provided.'

Islamic Republic News Agency/IRNA NewsCode: 80464326

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