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Iran condemns unfair restrictions on commercial shipping industry

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

London, Dec, 1, IRNA, -- Representative of Ports & Maritime Organization and Deputy Permanent Representative of Iran to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Ali Akbar Marzban condemned unfair restrictions on commercial shipping industry.

Marzban was addressing the IMO's 91th Session of Maritime Safety Committee in London on Saturday.

He said,' In line with international community, the Islamic Republic of Iran during past years, has had a very integrated co-operation with IMO and other maritime related international organizations to improve maritime safety and pollution prevention at sea.'

'The Islamic Republic of Iran has used all of its potential and actual resources and capacities to achieve IMO and other maritime related international organizations goals in maritime safety, security and pollution prevention such as:

1. Active contribution and constructive co-operation with other Member States to improve maritime rules and standards within IMO and other international organizations.

2. Ratifying 28 IMO legally binding instruments and Maritime Labor Convention (MLC) with highly commitment in implementation as flag, port and coastal state.

3. Volunteering IMO Audit Scheme and using its resources to improve our system to ready for mandatory IMO audit in 2015. It is worth noting that, the result of the secretariat report on IMO Audit represents the full scale cooperation and commitment of I.R of Iran in this regard.'

'The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that international maritime community will not achieve its goals regarding the improvement of safety, security and pollution prevention unless all related entities such as IMO Member States, Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and shipping industries have close relationship and cooperation at the regional and international levels. Accordingly, we, as an active IMO Member State, have been working and trying for realization of objective collaboration in maritime fields and improving our interactions with other IMO Member States and NGOs.'

Marzban said,'On behalf of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, I would like to bring to the attention of this committee that, unfortunately, during the past months due to direct and indirect measures taken by some governments, unfair and undue restrictions have been imposed against Iran’s commercial shipping industry.'

'We strongly believe that, these measures undoubtedly would have an adverse impact on regional and international maritime safety, security and pollution prevention and would hamper relevant international co-operation in mentioned areas.'

'We, for instance, refer to a letter sent by one member of International Association of Classification Societies (IACS), Saying that, it is impossible for them to continue providing safety services to Iran in an attempt to avoid consequences resulted from restriction imposed by some Governments on them. Same approach was taken by most of the IACS members for the same reasons. Consequently, as of 1 July 2012, providing safety services to Iranian vessels has been stopped by those Classification Societies. As a result, providing maritime safety and technical services even to foreign flag vessels within Iranian territorial waters has been stopped.'

'The Islamic Republic of Iran considers these measures taken by certain governments, against the international laws particularly principle of “Good faith” and objectives of International Maritime Organization and other IMO major conventions, such as SOLAS and MARPOL.'

'The Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, while reserving its right for setting forth the issue to other IMO's relevant entities as per Paragraph a, Art. 2 as well as Art. 3 of the IMO Convention, expresses deep concern over such unfair restrictions and discriminatory actions, nowadays impair the shipping industry as a whole.

'We strongly believe that, these actions would seriously affect the maritime safety, security and the marine environment of the whole maritime community; something that needs our attention and outmost care of IMO Member States.'

Islamic Republic News Agency/IRNA NewsCode: 80437344

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