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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Army Commander: US unilateralist policies crisis builder

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, April 19, IRNA -- IRI Army Commander said here Wednesday US unilateralist policies and overt and covert interventions here and there in world, such as its missile defense shield that is spreading regional among Muslim countries has become crisis builder.

According to the IRNA defense field reporter, Emir Brigadier General Ahmad-Reza Pourdastan made the comment speaking with the media representatives on occasion of Army Day Wednesday evening in the presence of foreign countries’ military attachés.

The high brass military commander added, “The stationing of US missile defense system based on fake threat of possible missile attacks from countries like Iran and North Korea is merely a phony pretext for the continual illegal presence of the Americans in the region.”

Brigadier General Pourdastan reiterated, “Ever since the announcement of that project and until the present day, the entire free and independent countries in the region, including Russia and China, have been voicing their objections to it.”

Emir Brigadier General Pourdastan reiterated, “Intimidating the regional countries of the so-called Iran threat is a process which on the one hand paves the path for the US presence as the supporter of he reactionary and despotic regional regimes, and on the other hand prepared the ground for unlimited sales of US and other western countries’ weapons and armaments to the regional countries resorting to that justification, as well as the prolonged presence of the US military forces in the region.”

He added, “One of the US administration’s propagation strategies and psychological war tactics and that of some European countries against the Islamic Republic of Iran is the Iranophobia propaganda which is synonymous with Islamophobia, and has been pursued by various US administrations in the foreign policy of that country.”

The Army commander added, “The ongoing developments in Arab countries which have been going on during the past few years against despotism, colonialism, and their dependant and dictator rulers is an important factor calling for revising the definition for the new order for the region and the political future of the Islamic governments and nations, and even the future of the entire world.”

Emir Brigadier General Pourdastan reiterated, “Under the prevailing conditions of the world, where threats and intimidation prevails, the Islamic Republic of Iran is benefitted from excellent and most effective means for defending its existence and its ideals against the threats of the enemies.”

He added, “Iran is equipped with hundreds of missile launchers at tactical, operational and strategic levels, as well as trained and expert units and forces in army, navy, air force, anti-aircraft defense, and special operation forces equipped with most advanced equipments and facilities.”

Pourdastan reiterated, “The selfless and gallant forces, side by side with the popular mobilization Basiji forces are fully prepared for defending the ideals and objectives of the sacred system of Islamic Republic of Iran, but this military power is merely to be used for self defense, for deterrence, and for usage at times of dire need.”

The IRI Army commander referred to Iran’s effective role in establishment of security at entire levels, arguing, “Based on its religious beliefs and its Islamic culture, Iran considers the Muslim and Arab countries of the region its brethren in faith and members of the same culture.”

The emir brigadier general added, “The regional nations posses huge material, human force, and cultural wealth, relying on which they can secure the public interest of the nations needless of resorting to the assistance of the aliens.”

Referring to the past decades’ events and studies of the political history of that era, he said that the point is clarified that the Middle East problems are imposed from outside and by the aliens.

He reiterated, “There is authentic information indicating that the United States and its allies have broad scale plans for the region, intending to disturb the regional peace and stability.”

Pourdastan added, “They even provide money and weapons for the countries that arm the opposition forces of Syria today, and dispatch terrorists to train such forces, intending to materialize their objectives through those countries, but later on it would be the turn of those countries.”

He added, “Unfortunately, the countries that support the Syrian terrorists today have never had any kind of election during the past decades and even today women cannot vote in those countries.”

“The IRI Army is performing its mission of safeguarding the sacred geographical territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran against any foreign threat, benefitted from very advanced and high level defense and attack capabilities.”

Referring to the nationwide IRI Army Day parades, held in the presence of the foreign countries’ military attachés on Tuesday, the Army commander reiterated, “Holding such parades provides the ground for defense cooperation and expansion of relations among countries, particularly between Iran and the Islamic countries.”

Brigadier General Pourdastan said, “Presently our country’s cooperation with countries whose military attachés are in Iran is mainly at training exchange level.”

He added, “Holding joint war games with friendly and neighboring countries is possible after the approval of the matter by the Armed Forces Joint Chief of Staff Headquarters.”

The Islamic Republic of Iran Army commander reiterated, “We intend to regulate our relations amid a calm and tension-free atmosphere and pursue the objective of establishing regional peace and stability.

Also on Tuesday, speaking on the sidelines of a ceremony commemorating the National Army Day in Tehran, Commander of the Iranian Army Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan stressed that Iran’s Armed Forces will vehemently confront threats and vigorously defend the country in case of military aggression against the Islamic Republic.

He also vowed that Iran will retaliate against any country, whose territory is used by the enemies for hostile operations against Iran as such countries are considered 'enemy ground.'

The senior Iranian commander stressed that Iran’s Armed Forces are fully prepared to deter any act of aggression. He noted that the enemies are in no position to wage war on Iran as they are grappling with numerous domestic woes.

Brigadier General Pourdastan highlighted that Iran is fully aware of its foes’ abilities and weak points and can proportionately respond to threats anytime.

Washington and Tel Aviv have at times threatened Tehran with a military strike against its civilian nuclear facilities.

Pourdastan at the end appreciated the cultural attachés of the friendly countries for their efforts aimed at expansion of military ties and asked for carrying with them the Islamic Republic of Iran’s message of peace and friendship of the brave army of the Islamic Republic of Iran to their nations, governments and affiliated armies.

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