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Admiral Qaderpanah: US diplomacy defeated in Persian Gulf

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Bandar Abbas, April 19, IRNA -- Commander of IRI Navy 1st District said here Monday: Long pursued US “Naval Diplomacy” in Persian Gulf has faced full defeat with wave of nations’ awakening in the region.

Rear Admiral Fariborz Qaderpanah who was speaking with IRNA in an exclusive interview on the sidelines of a ceremony in which flowers were thrown in the Persian Gulf at the location where two IRI Navy combat ships had been drowned after a brave war against aggressors, added, “The US diplomacy in the Persian gulf region is now stalemated.”

He said, “In fact the United States by adopting that diplomacy intended to convey the message that if Washington’s interests would be put at stake the US Navy in the region would act rapidly, but now, not only that objective is not achieved. But also the wave of Islamic awareness among Muslim nations in the region has proved that the Americans’ naval forces are by no means regarded as a factor in people’s calculations, and they do not attach the least importance to them at all.”

The high brass IRI naval officer reiterated, “Presently the Americans have decreased their presence at the Persian Gulf ports, having felt the serous danger, and instead sufficed in stationing their forces in some parts of the Persian Gulf.”

According to Admiral Qaderpanah, for instance the US 5th Naval Fleet is stationed in Bahrain, but the Americans have realized that with the victory of the people’s uprising there they would have to shut down their naval base in Bahrain.

He added, “On the contrary of the Americans that are put in a weak and reactionary status, the Islamic Iran, particularly the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy, is at the peak of strength, going through one of its most brilliant eras.”

The Commander of IRI 1st Distinct Navy said, “The IRI Navy’s continual two year presence at Aden Sea and Bab ul-Mandab Strait waters put on display a new and proud image of Iran, and on the other hand spread the message of peace and friendship of Iran, totally annulling the US Iran-phobia project, so that Iran emerged as the best model for the entire democracy seeker nations.”

Rear Admiral Qaderpanah reiterated, “The IRI Navy monitors the entire movements of the aliens in the region and we promise the nation that their slightest ill intention regarding Iran would be faced with the toughest response of the entire Iranian armed forces.”

He reiterated, “During the current (Iranian) year (started on March 20th), too, the range of the IRI Navy operations has been broadening from Aden Sea and Bab al-Mandab Strait, in accordance with the will of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution.”

Islamic Republic News Agency/IRNA NewsCode: 30345488

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