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Larijani: Parties essential elements in democracy

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, April 12, IRNA -- Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said here political parties are among essential elements in counties committed to rules of democracy and their important functioning can enrich the governments’ performance.

According to the Islamic Consultative Assembly, Majlis News and Public Relations Head Office, the Majlis Speaker who was speaking with the central Committee members of the Mardmosalari (Democracy) Party, further emphasized that the country’s parties must move within the framework of rationalism and thoughtfulness, adding, “Preservation of the national interests and relying on religion, as the most important factor for sticking to rationalism are among the features contributing to the smooth performance of political parties in our country.”


Pointing out that weak organizational performance has historic roots in Iran and this is not restricted to the performance of political parties, Larijani said, “In all political parities there are people who are opposed to partisan work, but I believe there is no alternative to political parties, just as there is no alternative for democracy.”

The law making force chief said, “Religious democracy has been derived from the essence of the Islamic school of thought and the concept of Islamic justice and democracy cannot exist merely as the words of mouth, as it also needs to be implemented in entire activities pursued in the country.”


Pointing out that in an Islamic country the political parties behavior should be appropriate in accordance with the Islamic norms, adding, “If a party would deviate us from the fundamentals of Islam, it has moved against rationalism; a point that should be born in mind by entire political parties doubtlessly in pursuing their activities.”

The representative of Qom people at the parliament further elaborating on elements of rationalism in political behavior in an Islamic country, said, “One of the elements of rationalism is paying greater attention to the Islamic aspect of this political system.”

He added, “Safeguarding the national interests is another factor of rationalism and it should be born in mind that any trivial mater cannot be regarded as a national interest of the country; in fact the elements that are effective in preservation of the fundamentals of the system are among the national interests.”

The Islamic Parliament Speaker pointed out that some elements of rationalism were ignored during the reforms movement and weakened and some of the comments made then were un-Islamic, and contradictory with the national interests, even to the extent of staging a protest sit-in strike at the parliament.

Larijani said that the parties should move in accordance within the country’s constitutional framework, arguing, “If a party is opposed to a matter it should refrain from resorting to illegal acts.

He said that resorting to extremist activities by some parties shows they act emotionally and irrationally.


He added, “We are opposed to balk banning of the entire political parties resorting to a single strategy against them all, but if this has occurred it has been due to the behavior seen in the post presidential era.

The representative of Qom people reiterated, “If the parties would act rationally the atmosphere for rational political work and competition would prevail and that would in a process improve the political atmosphere of the country.

The head of the country’s law making body pointed out that the people’s representatives at the parliament are performing their responsibilities within the barriers of the laws, including efforts aimed at balancing and harmonizing the country’s political activities.

On continuation of the political parties’ lives, Larijani said, “This political system does not intend to segregate the political parties that act rationally. The parties can move in the framework of the system’s constitution and appropriate with the national interests.

He reiterated, “32 years after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, it is quite natural to expect the existence of political maturity in the country, so that preserving the system’s interests would not be merely a task for the government, but a public responsibility.


In response to a question on whether there is any guarantee for the continuation of the political life of the political parties that criticize the conduct of the system, Larijani said, “The political parties are clean form entire charges unless proved otherwise.”

He confirmed that “there are of course hindrances and problems in this respect that in this respect that are in need of action to be removed and remedied.”

Larijani added that at the parliament the atmosphere is appropriate for expressing varying viewpoints, arguing, “When expressing the viewpoints justice should be observed, since criticizing beyond the limits of justice would disturb the social balance outside the parliament.”

At the end he referred to the performance of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s cabinet, arguing, “Any government has strong and weak points in its record, and the current government, for instance has had good performance in house building, but had mistakes in other fields, which are in need of efforts aimed at correcting them.”

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