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Iran produces uranium dioxide, runs production line of stable isotopes compounds

ISNA - Iranian Students' News Agency

News Code :9001-06833

TEHRAN (ISNA)-Iran managed to produce uranium dioxide and operate production line stable isotopes compounds at Arak heavy- water complex.

The achievement came as the country celebrated its National Day of Nuclear Technology on Saturday.

Iran launched a unit of production of natural uranium dioxide (UO2) with nuclear purity and production line of different compounds to be made from stable isotopes.

The unit of producing natural uranium dioxide with nuclear purity is making the main material required for nuclear fuel of Arak research reactor as it meets international standards.

Iran chose April 9 as the National Day of Nuclear Technology in September 2006. In such a day Iranian scientists managed to complete nuclear fuel cycle and include Iran in the list of few countries with complete nuclear fuel chain.

The achievement came despite international political and economic pressures and military threats from the US and its allies against Iran and the UN Security Council's resolutions on Tehran over recent years.

Producing 20-percent enriched uranium, building new fuel enrichment site of Fordo in central city of Qom, finding locations for 10 new enrichment sites, changing uranium and producing fuel, designing 360-magawatt Darkhovin Nuclear Power Plant, operating Arak heavy-water reactor as well as unveiling Iranian-made radiopharmaceuticals to cure patients suffering cancer are some of Iran's nuclear achievements.

Iran is also building a 20-megawatt reactor similar to Tehran research reactor.

Russia on Friday resumed loading fuel into Iran Bushehr nuclear power plant.

The Atomstroyexport agency which oversaw the Bushehr plant's construction said in a statement that the refueling operation began after the plant had been re-checked.

The West accuses Iran of seeking nuclear weapons, Iran denies the allegation and insists that its peaceful enrichment activity only aims at peaceful purposes including power generation and medical needs.

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