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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Ahmadinejad: Obama Admin did not use chance provided by Iran

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, April 5, IRNA -- IRI President said here Monday only chance for US administration was improving relations with Iran to find chance to survive, we provided opportunity for them to do; they wasted it since cannot decide freely and Zionists reign their power.

According to IRNA Political Desk, president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who was speaking with the Iranian and foreign media representatives in his first press conference in Iranian New Year 1390, added, “The best and the only opportunity for the US administrations is just and fair cooperation and relations with Iran, but unfortunately the US administrations cannot make decisions independently.”

The IRI President reiterated, “There is one group behind the scene of all these issues. If one day it would be necessary they would come up with a monstrous face, if needed they would appear with a smile on their face, they might come to the scene with missiles, or chanting human rights mottoes.”

Ahmadinejad pointed out that the Zionists are the real rulers of the United States, reiterating that the current US President came with the motto of change, and if he were honest he had the best opportunity to alter the anti-humanity US policies, but since he was dependent on those that are behind the scene, he could not act beyond their will.”

He said, “That is the reason why he, too, was urged to act deceitfully, and resort to aggression. Therefore, he would join history more wretchedly than his predescessors.”

The president added, “Some people might be disagreed with me, but definitely no nation is agreed with the US policies.”

He added, “They insult the Iranian nation. They insult the government that has come up depending on the people’s votes assuming that this would make things better for them. They issue orders for people arrogantly assuming that this is to their benefit, but they had better know this would accelerate their death and their doomed end, as it already has done so.”

Ahmadinejad reiterated, “They are urged to check and find out what orders their Zionist masters have issued for them before acting. The Zionisgts are the arch-enemy of the Iranian nation and their status is quite clear. The supporters of the Zionisgts, too, are doomed to be defeated.”

Islamic Republic News Agency/IRNA NewsCode: 30322740

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