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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Mr Obama, kindly clear this carcass

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

As the 44th US President, Barack Obama, the nation’s first black head of state, inherits a bulk of wrong policies perpetrated by his predecessor George Bush the Junior.

Wednesday marked an end for George W Bush and his team and opened an arena before the new president and the people he has chosen as members of his administration team.

Those who gathered in Washington in front of the Capitol Hill on Wednesday, or those who were watching the ceremony on the TV, were right to pause for a moment, when they saw the present and the former president standing by each other, to find an answer to the question “what is Bush leaving behind for the new president now that he is leaving the While House after eight years as the US president?”

The answer is not that hard to find since Americans, like rest of the world public opinion, strongly believe that Bush’s legacy is so nasty and cynical that it could embitter the whole world.

The large-scale economic crisis, troubled foreign policies and the falling star of the United States in the global political arena are just a few of the curses the Bush administration has befallen on the American society.

Currently, the issue of the Middle East serves as a good and efficient criterion to assess the situation the new government in Washington will have to deal with.

The Obama administration should be aware of the fact that the same sensitive region, namely the Middle East, which acted as Achilles’ Heel for the neocons, will continue to be the most critical spot on the earth with many news yet to come from it to the new American statesmen.

The day Bush the Junior and his men aggressively engaged in so-called “war on terror” in an attempt to consolidate the US hegemony over the world and fought to advance their plan of the “Greater Middle East”, he fancied himself as emerging as the new hero for the Middle East nations for trying to expand “peace and democracy” in the region. Though he succeeded in the toppling of two of its enemy regimes in the region, soon he realized he had started a game that will have no favorable results for him. Because, though they detested the despotic and corrupt regimes that were ruined by the US army, the regional nations would never accept the alien soldiers at the doorstep of their houses. They could see firsthand how the expansionist US policies were working to the benefit of the terrorists, encouraging them all through the region.

The Bush policies gradually turned the Middle East into a quagmire for his dreams, the neocon ideals as well as for the unilateral doctrines; gradually the American-tailored scheme for the region died away and nothing remained of it except a stinking carcass.

Now the major priority for the new Obama administration will logically be to find the causes of such a decline.

Barack Obama should understand that what entrapped Bush in the Middle East quagmire was his lack of common sense which prevented him from realizing the important role of “realism” in planning and carrying out strategies.

To put it simply, Bush was unable to understand the “realities” in the Middle East.

The former US president failed to realize the secret of rapidly-growing wave of Islamic tendencies in the Middle east … he failed to understand the reason for the ever-increasing anti-US feelings in the Middle East … he was unable to understand the critical point that no changes could happen through use of force … Bush failed to notice the rapid growth of terrorism in the region thanks to his expansionist policies … he did not want to admit that if one side of the coin of terrorism in the region was the Taliban and the al-Qaeda, the other side was the state terrorism of Israel … he could not understand why his increasing pressures on Iran only resulted in its further empowerment in the region … he failed to understand why Seyed Hassan Nassrallah is one of the most-loved figure in the Middle East and why Hamas won the elections in Palestine … he failed to realize the roots of the resistance of the Lebanese nation for 33 days and the Gaza people for 22 days against the Israeli aggressions, he was unable to understand why his “roadmap scheme” and Annapolis plans failed and … he could not understand what the shoes of Muntadar al-Zeidi symbolized.

Now the new arrival in the Oval Office, Barack Obama, is there to “make changes”. Nevertheless, he has primarily to understand that by merely chanting mottos of “change” nothing would really happen.

He has to understand that no one could invest on the corpse of failed US polices in the Middle East, taking the fact into consideration that the hard core of the Bush doctrine on the Middle East was also “change, change!”

Obama should know that the first phase for initiating changes is to be “realistic”, seeing things as what they really are not as hallucinations and dreams.

He must know that people in the Middle East do not want any one to assume himself as their guardian; they want to engage in a relationship that is based on mutual respect and justice.

That would not harm Obama, too, to pause for a moment when taking the corpse of the “Greater Middle East” scheme from George W Bush and reflect on the causes of its total collapse which ruined it from its once powerful image into a decaying body which has to be buried the fastest possible.

The point is: if Obama fails to be realistic and act realistically, he will inevitably face the same destiny as his predecessor.

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