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Iran's 'leniency' towards Israel a joke - Larijani

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Manama, Oct 23, IRNA


Iran's Parliament speaker said here at a press conference news on Islamic Republic of Iran's 'leniency' towards Israel resemble a joke, since Iran pursues a certain policy regarding Israel.

Speaking to reporters at Manama's Al-Khalij Hotel on Wednesday evening, Larijani made the comment in response to a reporter who had opined that President Ahmadinejad's recent remarks on Israel conveys a kind of leniency.

Larijani further emphasized, "Such interpretations of the Islamic Republic of Iran's president's remarks are inaccurate, since he has meant quite the contrary, and he has always pursued a certain stand against the occupying regime of Holy Qods."

The Majlis speaker added, "The Islamic Republic of Iran emphasizes that a free referendum must be held in which the entire Palestinians could cast their votes, and Iran's policy regarding Israel is quite transparent."

A reporter asked Larijani whether he would run for next term of Iran's presidential elections. He replied, "I have no plans to do so." Another reporter asked Iran's stand regarding the establishment of US military bases in some Arab countries in the region. He replied, "The international scene is moving towards multilateralism today." He added, "The Americans are wise enough to realize where they are standing, and therefore, in order to strengthen their foothold, they are also establishing military bases in the region in order to deprive the other poles and political players of the chance to have their share."

Larijani added, "The regional countries must regard the matter from this angle so that they would not face trouble in the future.

Today is not the day for giving away free cards (for establishment of military bases) since time has come for the annulment of the given cards."

The Islamic Majlis speaker in response to another reporter's question on Iran's preference towards the US Democratic Party residential candidate Barack Obama November elections, said, "That is an internal affair of the American people, who should choose one of the candidates."

He added, "Of course, the comments made by Obama sound more logical, but what really counts is the acts, which should prove how much they match the words they have uttered."

Referring to the plan for the establishment of the so called greater Middle East, he said, "The Americans say in their greater Middle East plan they intend to expand democracy in the region, but the method they have applied has not trace of democracy and the US democracy is in fact anti-democratic."

An Arab reporter asked why Iran is opposed to the UAE's plan or returning the three islands to that country.

Larijani replied, "The Americans intend to intrigue more disputes in the region and today the main issue is not the island's matter, since they are trying to create a Shi'a-Sunni dispute."

He added, "The Shi'as might have differences of opinion with the Sunnies in theory, but they have no disputes in practice." The Majlis speaker emphasized, "The Americans are interested in creation of disputes among countries and to turn those disputes into major crises, but if they would leave the nations alone, they would solve their minor problems by themselves."

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