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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Nuclear monopoly, reason for opposing, sabotage against Iran - Rafsanjani

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Aug 1, IRNA


Head of Expediency Council and Speaker of Leadership Experts Assembly here Friday considered reason behind West's opposition and sabotage against Iran "safeguarding their nuclear monopoly".

According to IRNA Political Desk reporter, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said at a meeting with university student activists at Jamaran Hosseiniyeh, "The matter is not a simple one, but tougher than fighting at a frontline."

Rafsanjani added, "We intend to break the monopoly that has been at their disposal for decades, which is why they keep mounting pressure against us."

The veteran Iranian politician pointed out that both strong resistance, and a firm national will are needed to win this campaign, adding, "Meanwhile, we need to take full advantage of our collective wisdom, as this is not the scene for an economic, or a military power struggle, but the arena for war of the brains."

Stressing that the foreigners are aware that Iran is not after manufacturing atomic bombs, Hashemi reiterated, "We proved the point during the (Iraqi) imposed war that we are not the kind to take advantage of non-conventional weapons."

He added, "During the period that the Iranian victims of chemical weapons were receiving medical treatment in Europe, too, the Europeans realized where those weapons had been manufactured." Emphasizing that the high tech and precision weapons technologies are the scenes for competition between the third world and the advanced countries today, he reiterated, "The advanced world knows that if low level sciences and technology would be at the disposal of the third world nations, those countries would always be lagging behind with a wide margin."

Hashemi Rafsanjani added, "Such discrimination is intensified against Iran since we both have access to rich resources and rely on the teachings of a dynamic school of thought."

He said that according to the country's 20-year perspective plan, Iran should rank first in the region in terms of advancement, reiterating, "Unfortunately during the course of the past couple of years we have not moved towards achieving that objective as much as we should have, but have instead lagged behind, which is why during the next 17 years we would have to move faster to make up for it." Rafsanjani said that the axis for Iran's advancement is productivity, arguing, "We have no liquidity shortage today, although there was a time when we had a hard time even for finding a single dollar, but today the government is trying to figure out how to spend its dollars."

Hashemi Rafsanjani reiterated, "Limitations and foreign sanctions have always existed, and the post-revolution Iranian governments have never been open handed, although such hardships have led to our independence, emergence of indigenous industries, and self- sufficiency."

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