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No world power dares to threaten Iran's security: Ahmadinejad

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, April 17, IRNA
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Thursday that no world power dares to threaten security and national interests of the Iranian nation.

The president made the remarks in his address to a ceremony held in southern Tehran to mark the National Army Day.

Attended by high-ranking commanders and officials of Iran's Army and armed forces, the ceremony was held at the mausoleum of the Founder of the Islamic Republic, the late Imam Khomeini.

"Iranians are the most powerful nation of the world," said the president stressing that the power of the Iranian nation served peace and humanity.

He referred to Iranians as a "peace-loving and civilized people who would firmly support their armed forces to defend the country with all they have in reach.

The chief executive stressed that Iran's armed forces would forcefully respond to the slightest aggression against the Iranian nation.

"I am proud to announce today that the Iranian nation's power is of an extent that no major power can dare jeopardize the security and interests of the Iranian nation,"

President Ahmadinejad added that the faith, solidarity, strength and courage of the Iranian nation as well as their intelligent presence at the international scenes were indicatives of their power.

Stressing the significant role played by Iranians in international arena, the president said, "The expansionist powers made various plans and organized a military expedition into the region to dominate the world's energy resources and stop the spread of cultural and humanitarian values of the Islamic Revolution."

However, added President Ahmadinejad that the expansionist powers "are currently at the end of their way as the region and the world are ready for a big development."

He called on regional governments and nations to look at the existing circumstances more carefully and support independent nations.

The president promised that Tehran would help regional states in their efforts to promote security and peace in the region without the presence of foreigners and occupiers.

To show the power of its air force, a large number of Iran's Army jet fighters conducted a major fly-by over the parade ground during the Army Day parade.


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