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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Iran ready for nuclear negotiations - Rafsanjani

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, April 11, IRNA
Rafsanjani-Friday Prayer-Nuclear
Provisional Friday Prayer Leader of Tehran said here in his second sermon Iran paves a peaceful path in its legal nuclear activities that are approved by the Agency, and all the same, Tehran is ready for resuming nuclear negotiations.

Addressing thousands of Tehrani worshipers at central campus of Tehran University, Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani added, "Although the Agency (the International Atomic Energy Agency) has emphasized that Iran has not deviated (from peaceful path) in its (nuclear) activities, the oppressor powers have still not ended creating troubles for us."

He said, "I tell them they are making a mistake and that the only result of what they are doing is further polluting of the atmosphere of the region and the world."

The Chairman of the Leadership Experts Assembly referring to the close cooperation between Iran and the IAEA, addressed Iran's nuclear negotiators, saying, "Under such conditions that Iran is ready for sitting at the negotiation table although its activities, too, are completely legal and we have signed the entire related commitments and are abiding by them, I think the best thing to do for both sides is to negotiate."

Hashemi Rafsanjani expressed hope that the opponents of Iran's peaceful nuclear activities would end their hegemonic demands.

The Chairman of country's Expediency Council then focussed on recent developments in Iraq, expressing deep sorrow over getting killed of dozens of innocent Iraqi civilians during the course of the past couple of weeks' military operations.

He stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran's role in Iraq has been restricted to strengthening the foundations of stability and security there, adding, "Regarding Iraq, nothing is more important for Iran than unity among the entire Iraqi people and giving them a chance to decide their own fate resorting to democratic methods." Hashemi Rafsanjani also stressed the need for evacuation of the occupier forces from Iraq as soon as possible.

Referring to the situation in occupied Palestine, Rafsanjani emphasized, "Iran is opposed to injustice, wherever it would be observed."

He also referred to the plots hatched by aliens regarding the name of the Persian Gulf and the Iranian islands there to sow the seeds of discord among members of the Islamic Ummah, reiterating, "This name is recorded in both authentic historic and reliable religious texts."

Hashemi Rafsanjani noted that aggravating tension over the matter is due to the intrigues of the aliens, adding, "Nothing but dispute, discord and discontent can be gained out of the ongoing issue under the title of the name of the Persian Gulf and the islands." He reiterated, "Today I wish to elaborate these matters from the historic point of view for our brothers, and the scholars and Alims at our neighboring countries."

Rafsanjani said, "There are many maps and documents in this regard, and recently the Iranology Foundation has published a book inclusive of the maps of the region, in which there are 120 maps produced by the Europeans and 40 maps by the Muslim scholars, in all of which the name of this waterway is stated as the Persian Gulf." The Friday preacher of Tehran this week said, "In Islamic texts, Qur'anic interpretations, and sayings, too, this point is stressed, including in four Qur'anic verses, in four different chapters.

He then elaborated on one of those verses in Kahf Chapter of the Glorious Qur'an, adding, "We, clergies and Alims of Islam, who have access to such an important document, should not allow the aliens to interfere regarding the names of our regional places so easily." Rafsanjani stressed, "We do not wish to let the enemies pull our legs."


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