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President: Iran's peaceful nuclear program belongs to all humanity

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, April 8, IRNA
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday that Iran's nuclear program belongs to all humanity.

Speaking in the special ceremony marking Iran's National Nuclear Day, he said the country's nuclear program is regarded as the most significant event in the contemporary era.

Iran has successfully tested new cheaper nuclear devices in smaller dimensions that are five fold faster than the present models, he said.

The news on installations of several thousands of centrifuges is minor than the technological breakthrough Iran has made, said the president.

"We have attained remarkable achievements and success in production of magnetic alloy with new devices," he said.

"Our new technological achievements will make a breakthrough in the country's industrial sector in the near future," said the president.

All are well aware of the fact that Iran's nuclear program has turned to the most significant event in the contemporary era which goes beyond geographical borders to which the world calculations have tied up, he said.

Big powers believe that they have monopolized the nuclear energy and they can trample upon the rights of other nations, he said.

Iranian nation did not pay attention to their hue and cry and overcame all sanctions and with reliance upon almighty God and the youth fully mastered the nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, said the president.

Iran's nuclear technology is totally indigenous and no one can deprive us from such blessing because it is in the mind and heart of our scientists, he said.

The global arrogance have resorted to hue and cry to force us to give up our legitimate rights, underlined president Ahmadinejad.

After the world war II, the triumphant countries draw up a new relations to govern and dominate the whole world in order to plunder the wealth and natural resources of the world nations, said the Iranian president.

He said the reason why they create obstacles on our path of success and developments.

"The enemies for many times threaten to take military action against Iran to urge us suspend our nuclear program but to no avail", said the president.


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