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Indian Navy unveils second 'stealth-like' frigate

RIA Novosti

20:22 20/08/2011

NEW DELHI, August 20 (RIA Novosti) - The Indian Navy put into service its second "stealth-like" frigate on Saturday, IANC news agency reported citing the Navy's press service.

The Satpura is the second frigate of the Shivalik class to enter the Indian Navy's service after the first frigate, which holds the same name as the frigate of this class, went into service in April 2010. Both frigates were designed and made in India.

The Satpura has stealth-like technology and is also acoustically quiet and has infrared capabilities.

The frigate is armed with Russian-made anti-surface and anti-submarine Club rockets, Israeli Zenith missiles, torpedoes and also carries two helicopters.

The Navy held an official ceremony in Mumbai for the new frigate.

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