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Indian BrahMos cruise missile test launch successful

RIA Novosti

16:19 12/08/2011 NEW DELHI, August 12 (RIA Novosti) - Indian ground forces successfully test-fired a BrahMos supersonic cruise missile on Friday, a source in the Indian Defense Ministry said.

Friday's launch was the 25th Brahmos launch for the Indian Army. The test met all the mission parameters.

BrahMos Aerospace Ltd, set up in 1998, manufactures supersonic cruise missiles based on the Russian-designed NPO Mashinostroyenie 3M55 Yakhont (SS-N-26).

The BrahMos missile has a range of 290 km (180 miles) and can carry a conventional warhead of up to 300 kg (660 lbs). It can effectively engage targets from an altitude as low as 10 meters (30 feet) and has a top speed of Mach 2.8, which is about three times faster than the U.S.-made subsonic Tomahawk cruise missile.

Sea- and ground-launched versions have been successfully tested and put into service with the Indian Army and Navy.

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