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Germany Shells Out €134 mln to Join Anti-Daesh Coalition

Sputnik News

20:15 30.11.2015(updated 20:50 30.11.2015)

The German government is preparing to join the fight against Daesh (the Islamic State) and has estimated the cost at €134 mln ($142 mln) in 2016; German political scientist Alexander Rahr told Sputnik that Germany wants to show solidarity with neighboring France after the Paris terror attacks.

German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen and Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier have submitted a report to the German Federal Chancellery estimating the cost of Germany's participation in the military campaign against Daesh (the Islamic State) in Syria at €134 mln ($142 mln) in 2016, Der Spiegel reported on Monday.

The 16-page document states that up to 1,200 German soldiers will take part in the mission, 'on the basis of the right to collective self-defense in accordance with Article 51 of the UN Charter.'

The document states that the Bundeswehr will have a mandate to take part in the anti-Daesh mission until December 31 2016, and that its soldiers will support not only French airstrikes against Daesh (the Islamic State) in Syria, but will also support the US-led coalition in Iraq and Syria.

The document does not reveal the extent to which Germany will cooperate with other countries fighting Daesh in Syria, namely Russia and Iran. The German government took the decision to participate in the fight against Daesh in response to a call from French President Francois Hollande to form a global coalition to fight the Islamic State; the French president sees cooperation with Russia as vital to the cause.

On Thursday German Defense Minister von der Leyen said that Germany will provide up to six Tornado reconnaissance aircraft for the French military to use against Daesh, as well as a frigate to accompany France's Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier, an Airbus 310-304MRTT aerial refueling tanker aircraft, and a reconnaissance satellite.

German troops will provide service support to the planes and ships, rather than being involved in direct military action.

German political scientist Alexander Rahr told Sputnik that by sending the troops, Germany wants to show solidarity with neighboring France, and other countries hurt by terrorism.


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