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South Korean Military Says Pyongyang Likely Tested Musudan Missile, Not Rodong

Sputnik News

14:38 12.02.2017

North Korea is likely to have launched an intermediate-range Musudan missile during the Sunday missile test, and not the Rodong medium-range missile as it was previously assessed, South Korean military said.

TOKYO (Sputnik) – On Sunday morning, a ballistic missile was launched from North Korea's airbase in the North Pyongan province. It traveled around 300 miles before plunging into the Sea of Japan.

"The missile appears to be a modified intermediate-range Musudan ballistic missile possibly equipped with a solid fuel engine, not a medium-range Rodong missile," Seoul's Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) were quoted as saying by the Yonhap news agency.

Musudan is a ballistic missile designed to travel up to 4,000 kilometers (about 2,500 miles), while Rodong missile is capable of covering up to 1,000 kilometers (over 600 miles).

North Korea has conducted a number of missile launches in the past months, including its biggest nuclear test last September, prompting condemnation from neighbors and the international community.


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