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KCNA Commentary Refutes Korean American Bae Jun Ho's False Propaganda

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, June 20 (KCNA) -- Korean American Bae Jun Ho (Kenneth Bae) is now cursed and censured by public for renewing his false propaganda about the DPRK.

As already reported, Bae was arrested in the DPRK for spreading subversive religion and working hard to build "a religious state" hostile to the DPRK. For his hostile activities he was sentenced to hard labor. But thanks to the humanitarian measure taken by the DPRK out of magnanimity and good faith he was deported to the U.S. after spending nearly two years in jail.

People say that habit is a second nature. Bae is accustomed to hostile acts against the DPRK.

Recently Bae released an anti-DPRK book peppered with "stories" about what happened during his hard labor.

At a book releasing ceremony sponsored by the south Korean puppet forces, Bae talked rubbish that "he is planning to set up a non-governmental organization for the fellow countrymen in the north and carry out projects helpful to the poor people in the north and defectors from the north." It is ridiculous, indeed, for Bae to be busy with the moves for establishing a non-governmental organization for some people as if he were a big philanthropist. In other words, he revealed his intention to persist in his hostile acts against the DPRK.

At a meet-the press with U.S. congressmen he unhesitatingly spouted sheer sophism that he witnessed how could a country be a huge prison and that north Korea is a "huge prison."

It is less than two years since he begged for sparing his dirty life in tears. He is now in such poor position as to appear as a member of a shock brigade in slandering the DPRK, clinging to the coattails of the U.S. and south Korean puppet forces.

It is worth recalling what he wrote in the letter of apology and letter of thanks done in hot tears before being deported to the U.S.

The following is what he wrote in his letter of apology and letter of thanks: "I sincerely thank the DPRK government for all humanitarian measures and treatment for me. I will always remain thankful to the Korean people and the DPRK and take the lead in the work for national reunification and prosperity, never forgetting benevolence bestowed upon me. I will make efforts to play the role of a bridge of friendship linking the Western world with the DPRK."

In fact, the DPRK provided everything to Bae during his prison life from humanitarian point of view. Whenever he did not feel well, we took him to a hospital to be treated several times. We arranged his meeting with his mother and let him exchange hundreds of correspondences.

There is a saying one's kindness should be repaid. However, Bae returns evil for good. He has not built a bridge of friendship but erected a bridge of distrust and confrontation. Is it morally right?

Bae is the felon who betrayed not only human conscience but also religious devotion.

Before flying to the U.S., he told officials concerned of the DPRK that he is the churchman saying truth and religionist's devotion to God is sacred and he can never betray it.

But upon returning to the U.S., he made a U turn, going busy hatching plots with the group of Satan falsifying facts. He is none other than Judas.

Bae Jun Ho has no option but to commit suicide.

We have nothing to say more of Bae waiting for the day of death after being branded as a despicable bete noire.

What matters is the double-dealing nature of the U.S. government as it promised to prevent the recurrence of such behavior while conducting "rescuing operation" of American criminals under the signboard of "humanitarianism" but it gives a shot in the arm of those guys as soon as its representatives went back.

It is the American society where different anti-DPRK organizations are strutting about, prodding such human scum and half wits as Bae Jun Ho into taking the lead in the false propaganda to mislead public opinion.

It is a hard fact that the U.S. government is behind these organizations.

It is the true picture of the American society where there is profound confusing of right and wrong, injustice beats justice and human rights are wantonly abused.

The U.S. government should bear in mind that if it resorts to the anti-DPRK propaganda under the signboard of "human rights", the fate of the U.S. citizens now serving jail terms in the DPRK will become more miserable.

The DPRK will neither make any compromise nor conduct negotiations with the U.S. over the issue of American criminals nor take any humanitarian measure as long as Bae Jun Ho keeps spouting invectives against the DPRK.

Then American criminals now in custody in the DPRK will never be able to go back to the U.S.

The DPRK's clarification of this stand is not just a warning. -0-

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