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Kim Jong Un Publishes Work on Stepping up Construction of Stockbreeding Base

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, January 30 (KCNA) -- Marshal Kim Jong Un published work 'Let Us Expedite the Construction of the Livestock Breeding Base in the Sepho Area and Bring about a New Turn in Developing Animal Husbandry' on Jan. 28.

In the work he stressed the need to provide the people, who have overcome all sorts of difficulties and trials together with the party, entrusting everything to it, with an affluent and happy life with no more to desire in the world at an early date.

The most important task facing us today is to rapidly improve the standard of people's living, he said, adding to this end it is imperative to solve the food problem by developing stock-breeding and fishery while doing farming well.

The Workers' Party of Korea set forth the policy of reclaiming the Sepho tableland to develop stock-breeding and turning it into a large-scale stock-breeding base, he noted.

To reclaim the Sepho tableland and turn it into a stock-breeding base is one of the earnest behests of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il, he said.

Saying that though we have made big achievements in the construction of the stock-breeding base in Sepho area, we still have huge tasks to do in the future, he clarified tasks to be fulfilled and ways for doing so.

The most important issue in building Sepho area into the large-scale stock-breeding base is to improve soil quality and create pasture well, he said, and continued:

As Sepho area is exposed to strong wind all the year round, it is necessary to carry out the work for creating windbreaks in a planned and prospective way.

Construction projects such as dwelling houses, sheds for domestic animals and public buildings and roads should be stepped up and be completed qualitatively.

Oil, building materials, manpower and equipment needed for the construction of the stock-breeding base should be provided on a preferential basis.

Good preparations should be made for operating the base.

The work of reclaiming the tableland and building a stock-breeding base is a project to be pushed forward with the involvement of all members of the party and the state.

It is also important to rapidly develop the nation's overall stock-breeding while stepping up the construction of the stock-breeding base in Sepho area.

The party channels efforts into the construction of the base to attain an important objective to bring about a fresh turn in the development of the nation's overall stock-breeding with this construction as a momentum.

It is also necessary to put the production at the modern stock-breeding bases that had already been built under the leadership of the party on a regular footing.

It is the duty and moral obligation of we, officials who are soldiers and disciples of Kim Jong Il to put the production at the stock-breeding bases that had already been built on a regular footing and make people realize his loving care and solicitude in their actual life.

To put production at the stock-breeding bases on a regular footing is not just a business work but an important political work for preserving and glorifying the leadership exploits of Kim Jong Il.

The work for boosting the output of livestock products should be pushed forward as an all-people movement.

To develop stock-breeding, it is also important to solve the issues of breeds of domestic animals and feed, improve breeding and establish a thorough anti-epizootic measure, he said, elaborating on it.

Many domestic animals of good stock should be produced through intensified work for raising domestic animals, he noted, and went on:

It is also necessary to conduct brisk scientific and technological exchanges with other countries to introduce into the country domestic animals of superior stock and rear them after going through trial stages.

A way of solving the issue of feed for domestic animals is to carry out the party's policy of obtaining meat from grass.

To this end it is imperative to create vast pasture in every place.

Grain feed needed for stock-breeding should be ensured through good farming.

The production of bean cake should be increased by cultivating bean extensively and various protein feed sources including insects rich in protein content be actively explored and put into use.

The way of producing feed additives relying on locally available raw materials should be studied and completed to ensure the supply of feed additives necessary for operating the stock-breeding bases.

The production of feed for domestic animals should be industrialized by dint of modern science and technology.

The raising and tending of domestic animals should be done on a scientific and rational way.

The role of stock-breeding scientific research institutions should be enhanced in establishing the scientific way of raising and tending.

In order to put the raising and tending of domestic animals on a scientific basis it is necessary for officials and other working people in the field of stock-breeding to acquire professional scientific and technological knowledge and technical skills.

The anti-epizootic work is what keeps stock-breeding alive.

Not a slightest concession should be allowed in issues concerning anti-epizootic work.

Kim Jong Un underlined the need for party organizations to increase their roles in carrying out the party's policy on revitalizing the stocking-breeding and improving the standard of people's living.

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