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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Kim Jong Un Guides Flight Drill of KPA Air and Anti-Air Force

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, January 24 (KCNA) -- A flight combat drill of fighter and bomber groups under the Guards 1st Air and Anti-Air Division of the Air and Anti-Air Force of the Korean People's Army (KPA) was staged at the initiative of Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un.

The stalwart airpersons and all other men and officers of the KPA are now filled with the surging hatred and strong will to bring to the court of history and deal a deadly blow, on behalf of the entire nation, at the vile human scum who have driven such burglars as dirty guys to the anti-DPRK psychological warfare for slandering the dignity and social system of the DPRK to chill the atmosphere in the forefront area with confrontation from the outset of the year, in challenge to Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un's New Year address, and those who have neglected such action in an irresponsible manner.

Prior to the drill, Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un called Col. General Choe Yong Ho, commander of the KPA Air and Anti-Air Force, and Maj. General Choe Hak Song, chief of its staff, to the building of the Workers' Party of Korea Central Committee. And he gave a task for combat flight, including the procedure of the drill and method, personally setting the flight course and coordinates.

The Supreme Commander went to the airfield to guide the flight drill, accompanied by Hwang Pyong So, Ri Yong Gil, O Kum Chol and Ri Pyong Chol.

There he was briefed on the resolve of the Air and Anti-Air Force on how to carry out the combat flight task in relation to the drill and gave the flying groups an order to make sorties.

The flying groups conducted in succession and in a short time the search and strong strike at the simulated enemy's overseas air-force base and fleet attempting at military attack on the DPRK.

Being reported on the airmen's successful implementation of assault task, Kim Jong Un said with satisfaction that there is something extraordinary in a guards unit and combat pilots of the unit with a glorious history of victories searched the unfamiliar targets at the right time and skillfully carried out raid on them along the ordered flight course.

Then a free air combat between types of warplanes was staged to shoot down the 'enemy's' air pirates intruding into the DPRK's territorial air.

Watching the combat, the Supreme Commander said that it is needed to reject formalism and stereotyped patterns in training and bring a turn in raising its quality by steadily improving contents and styles under the slogan of the Party's air-training-first idea. The significance of the current drill is to make an example for the entire army in carrying out the Party's policy on conducting the training under an actual war condition, he added.

There were flights displaying special skills.

He noted with high appreciation that our pilots of pursuit planes are very good at aeronautics and it is fantastic to see them control planes like their palms.

Then he watched a drill of women pursuit pilots.

He praised them as filial daughters of heroic Korea and heroes of training who displayed the mettle of Korean women once again, saying with satisfaction that they conducted a solo flight in unfavorable weather conditions and landing in an unfamiliar airfield as well as airmen, though it was not so long that they turned to be pursuit pilots.

Telling them to become ace pilots by intensifying the flight training with pluck and guts infused by the Party, he posed for a picture with them, saying that they should be widely introduced to delight their parents and other people.

All the servicepersons of the Guards 1st Air and Anti-Air Division made their firm resolution to wipe out with final annihilating strike, if the Supreme Commander issues an order, the enemies who openly declared the continuous nuclear war drills against the DPRK and have encouraged and connived at the despicable and disgusting deeds to get on the nerves of the DPRK people from the outset of the new year.

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