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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

NKorea warns Israel over provocative remarks

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Jan 24, IRNA -- The spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK assailed the Zionist regime's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his provocative remarks hurting the east Asian country's dignity and social system.

According to a report, on Jan. 19 the Israeli prime minister at a joint press conference with the Japanese prime minister who visited Israel accused the DPRK of enforcing merciless and radical dictatorship, read a news released by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) office in Tehran.

'He talked rubbish that the DPRK is taking a violent and threatening stand toward its neighboring countries, it is mulling tipping ballistic missiles with nukes under a military nuclear program for aggression and the international community should not repeat the error made at the negotiations with north Korea.'

'This is an unpardonable insult and provocation to the dignity and social system in the DPRK and the choice made by its people,' the spokesman said.

In order to conceal its true colors as a harasser of Mideast peace the successive rulers of Israel have been apt to talk about the 'missile deal and nuclear cooperation' between the DPRK and Mideast countries. Not content with this, Israel recently went the lengths of hurting the DPRK's dignified social system, the spokesman added.

'The people-centred Korean-style socialist system is the most advantageous system under which the people became masters of everything and it serves them and the DPRK's nuclear weapons are powerful deterrence to protect its social system.'

'Israel not only represents dictatorial forces for aggression that trample down the legitimate right of the Palestinian people and indiscriminately kill them but also is a rogue group that poses a nuclear threat and makes terrorist attack on its neighboring countries with lots of nuclear weapons under the U.S. patronage in disregard of international law,' KCNA quoted the spokesman as saying.

'Everybody knows about the shamelessness of Israel telling lies and making fabrications and pointing accusing fingers to others to justify its criminal acts and evade the censure and condemnation by the international community.'

The DPRK Foreign Ministry also warned Israeli regime 'against refusing to abandon its inveterate bad habit of taking issue with the former quite often in its interests'.

'Israel had better roll back, to begin with, its inhuman and bellicose policy as an arch criminal killing innocent Palestinians and disturber of peace in Mideast before pulling up others,' said the spokesman.


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