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DPRK Delegate Categorically Rejects 'Draft Resolution' against DPRK

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, November 19 (KCNA) -- The DPRK delegate categorically rejected the 'draft resolution' (A/C.3/69/L.28.Rev.1) in its entirety submitted by the European Union and Japan at the meeting of the Third Committee of the 69th UN General Assembly held in New York on Nov. 18.

In a statement before vote he said:

The 'draft resolution' constitutes a product of political and military confrontation and plot against the DPRK and has no relevance with genuine promotion and protection of human rights.

By taking sides with the United States hostile policy against the DPRK, the European Union and Japan fabricated and submitted the 'draft resolution' based on the 'report of the Commission of Inquiry' on the human rights situation of the DPRK, which has never been to the country at all.

We wish to make it clear once again that the 'report of the Commission of Inquiry' referred to in the 'draft resolution' is only based on the fabricated 'testimonies' of such a handful of 'defectors' as unable to specify the numbers, who committed crimes and fled the country abandoning even their beloved ones including their parents, brothers and sisters alike. As such, the 'report' is no more than a compilation full of groundless political accusations and contradictions and has no qualification and credibility to be recognized as an official document of the United Nations.

We have consistently maintained a position of rejecting confrontation and giving priority to dialogue and cooperation in the area of human rights and, from this perspective, clearly stated our renewed intention this time around to engage in broad-ranging constructive cooperation.

Unfortunately, however, the European Union and Japan chose to provoke confrontation by trying to enforce the adoption of the 'draft resolution' which fails to reflect the reality on the ground and only pursues political objectives through manipulation of other countries with coerciveness and political and economic pressure.

Moreover, some member states of the European Union and Japan hastily included in the 'draft resolution' such dirty materials as despicable leaflets flown by a few 'defectors' along the military demarcation line on the Korean peninsula, thus blocking by themselves the opportunity for relevant UN personnel concerned to visit the DPRK and see the reality.

We do not feel any necessity to appeal to anyone to come and see the reality of our country where politics and social system are all for the people and guarantee their human rights.

This time, the European Union and Japan again disclosed by themselves that their human rights effort so far was not for genuine promotion and protection of human rights but simply for subservience and sycophancy to the US hostile policy towards the DPRK from the outset, thus closing the door to human rights dialogue as well as all dialogues including political dialogue.

We are seriously desirous of dialogue and cooperation for genuine promotion and protection of human rights. However, we shall strongly respond without slightest tolerance to any attempts on the part of hostile forces to abuse human rights issue as a tool for overthrowing the social system of our country.

The outrageous and unreasonable human rights campaign staged by the United States and its followers in their attempts to eliminate the state and social system of the DPRK is compelling us not to refrain any further from conducting nuclear test.

In a statement after vote the DPRK delegation said:

My delegation once again categorically rejects the 'resolution'.

The enforced adoption of the 'resolution' clearly shows that there is no further need for human rights dialogue with the European Union.

It also proves that the so-called 'human rights dialogue' advocated by the European Union is only intended to pursue sinister political purposes of eliminating the ideology and social system of the DPRK.

No matter what, we shall continue to move forward in the direction of our choice.

In light of ever more unscrupulous human rights campaign undertaken by the hostile forces against the DPRK, we shall keep in our hearts the pride and honor about the socialist system which was chosen and is being consolidated and developed by our people and do our utmost to defend it.

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