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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

KCNA Commentary Slams U.S. for Floating Story about DPRK's Submarines Capable of Launching Missiles

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, November 14 (KCNA) -- These days the United States is working hard to build up public opinion on the DPRK's submarines capable of launching missiles through media.

A U.S. medium specializing in political and military affairs said that a north Korean submarine equipped with a missile launcher was spotted by a U.S. intelligence organ, sparking a fresh concern about the nuclear and missile threat from the north Korean regime.

Intelligence services of the U.S. are distributing even satellite photos published by the Johns Hopkins Institute in a bid to make the story plausible in the wake of the floating of it.

In addition to this, media of south Korea and the West are getting serious about the story and hyping their assertion that the DPRK has already introduced the technology of launching missiles under water and it is expected to massively build submarines capable of launching missiles and deploy them in the near future.

This is a crafty artifice of the U.S. to justify the extension of the transfer of the wartime operation control (OPCON) to south Korea and deploy THAAD by calming down the opposition of the neighboring countries under the pretext of 'threat' from the DPRK.

The U.S. has long schemed to build a missile shield targeting the big powers in the region since it faked up the fiction about 'threat from north Korea' in an effort to carry out its strategy for dominating the Asia-Pacific. It is, at the same time, working hard to deploy THAAD in south Korea and get it deeply involved in the building of the missile shield.

If the transfer of OPCON is extended beyond the period after the middle of the 2020s and THHAD is deployed in south Korea, it will be reduced to a bridgehead for implementing the U.S. strategy for invading the DPRK and dominating Northeast Asia.

The U.S. military strategy centered on the missile shield has reached a graver phase.

It seeks to round off the defense system by developing such defense means as interceptor missiles and such new means as high energy laser weapons that can replace them.

Recently it completed a huge strategic system which it claims capable of promptly striking any target on the earth within an hour.

This system calls for singling out the DPRK, China, Iran and various other countries as enemy states and making primary strikes at missile launchers, commanding posts, nuclear facilities, etc. of those countries by IBMs, ultra-supersonic missiles, ballistic missiles launched from submarines and so on. It also calls for finally destroying them by mobilizing ultra-supersonic fighter bombers in case the desired goal is not attained with those weapons.

Lurking behind the U.S. scenario to bolster up its military muscle under the pretext of 'coping with the threat' from the DPRK is a military adventure to ignite a war on the Korean Peninsula at any cost.

The U.S. is sadly mistaken if it calculates that its spread of the story about the DPRK's submarine missile will help ratchet up its pressure on the latter in the international arena.

It will only invite stronger retaliatory measures of its own style.

The DPRK's declaration of the strongest new counter-action of its own style will be backed by the fully prepared powerful nuclear force and different type latest strike means operating on the ground and in the seas, under water and in the air.

The world will soon witness the shining victory of the DPRK's line of simultaneously developing the two fronts.

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