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There Exists Only Maritime Military Demarcation Line Set by DPRK: Spokesman for NDC Policy Department

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, October 20 (KCNA) -- Traitor Lee Myung Bak who is barely prolonging his remaining days appeared on Yonphyong Island all of a sudden on Oct. 18, once again bringing to light his true colors as the worst maniac for confrontation with compatriots.

As far as Yonphyong Island is concerned, it is the source of provocation where the south Korean puppet forces recklessly fired shells into the territorial waters of the DPRK and the very island the whole of which turned into a sea in flames after it was exposed to intensive retaliatory shelling by the Korean People's Army.

Lee appeared on this island to kick off confrontation hysteria like a puppy knowing no fear of a tiger, lashing the KPA service personnel into great fury.

A spokesman for the Policy Department of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK gave the following answer to the question put by KCNA on Oct. 20 in this regard:

It is disgusting to talk about traitor Lee who is more dead than alive.

We cannot but take a serious note of his behavior on the island to misrepresent the reality.

His sudden tour of the island is nothing but a desperate fit of the doomed to escape his miserable fate on the verge of death.

That day Lee blustered that "it is necessary to defend the 'northern limit line' (NLL) at the risk of life till the country is unified" and "officers and men can protect peace only when they are aware of that mission."

This is a revelation of his foolish attempt to disturb the nation's peace and stability, escalate confrontation and provoke a war by preserving the NLL, the root cause of confrontation and clash.

NLL is an illegal bogus line drawn by the U.S. imperialist aggressor forces unilaterally and in a brigandish manner.

NLL is quite contrary to the Convention of the International Law of Sea or the Armistice Agreement and provisions of the north-south agreement. This fact is formally recognized not only by political and academic circles of south Korea but by those of the U.S.

The West Sea of Korea has unfortunately become waters threatened with confrontation and conflict though it should be a sea of peace and prosperity common to the nation. This is entirely attributable to the south Korean puppet forces' moves to maintain NLL.

How to approach NLL at present is a yardstick showing whether one stands for peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula or for confrontation and war.

Nevertheless, Lee is egging the puppet military warmongers onto protect NLL at the instigation of his U.S. master, escalating confrontation with fellow countrymen to an extreme pitch and, furthermore, working hard to ignite a war against the north.

That day Lee went the lengths of crying out for "a hundred and thousand-fold punishment," blaring NLL should become a line to "deter provocation" from someone and defend peace.

The Lee Myung Bak group of traitors used to launch provocations to the DPRK.

In recent days alone, Lee perpetrated politically-motivated provocations to the DPRK, daring talk about someone's "living", "human rights" and "reform of social system."

He trumpeted about what he called "land reform" on Yonphyong Island.

Pursuant to his scenario for provocations, the puppet forces' warships are perpetrating such ceaseless naval provocations in the West Sea of Korea as indiscriminately firing even at foreign fishing boats after intruding deep into territorial waters of the DPRK. Units of the ground forces in front areas are running the whole gamut of provocations such as psychological warfare against the DPRK with riff-raffs involved.

This being a hard reality, a habitual provoker is crying out for deterring someone's "provocation".

Lee's sudden visit to Yonphyong Island was prompted by his cynical ploy to justify his policy toward the north pursued during the five years of his office, putting the north-south relations to a collapse, and create conditions favorable for the conservative ruling party's stay in power, the party which enabled him to prolong his remaining days and thus escape a severe punishment by the people after his ouster.

With the puppet presidential election at hand, the issue of NLL has become a serious political matter between the progressive and conservative forces in south Korea.

What should not be overlooked is that the conservative forces are using that issue for fabricating fresh "north wind".

Lee's inspection of the island was intended to put spurs to this plot of the conservative forces.

As domestic and foreign public chided, Lee's five years of office were a period which witnessed a total collapse of the north-south relations, in which the south Korean people have suffered from a nightmare of "unstable security" and a disgusting period which saw scandals committed by Lee's families and relatives and confidants and a period characterized by disgrace in which south Korea was totally put at the tender mercy of foreign forces.

Lee is the man who brought the worst evil to the Korean nation as his birth was absolutely not wanted by this world.

His recent visit to Yonphyong Island hardens the determination of all service personnel of the KPA including those under the Southwestern Front Command to more tightly hold their arms to retaliate against the enemies.

He would be well advised to remember that the roar of the tiger of Mt. Paektu to annihilate the enemies is heard in all waters of the West Sea and the will of the KPA to punish them in response to it is now running high.

All Koreans in the north and the south and abroad should pool efforts to prevent any traitor like Lee Myung Bak, dregs of times and human scum, from coming to power.

Only maritime military demarcation line set by the DPRK, not NLL, will remain in the West Sea till the country is reunified.

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