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Lie about Beijing Secret Contact Spread by Lee Myung Bak Group Refuted

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, June 9 (KCNA) -- The Lee Myung Bak group of traitors let a spokesman for Chongwadae make an official announcement that the "true intention" reflected in Lee's "Berlin proposal" was conveyed to the DPRK side at a secret contact made between the north and the south of Korea in Beijing. It had been already disclosed before the world that it was a sheer lie.

Much upset by the first announcement made by the DPRK, the group of traitors falsified the fact, claiming that there was a secret contact with the DPRK but it was a contact not aimed to have "summit talks" but wrest "the north's admittance and apology" for "the Cheonan" warship sinking case and the Yonphyong Island shelling incident. It went the lengths of denying all facts that had been brought to light and negating and distorting them without any ground and sidestepping all issues.

Not content with it, the group orchestrated a new farce pulling up the DPRK with another lie that the "accounts " of the secret contact were misrepresented by the spokesman for the National Defence Commission of the DPRK.

The delegate of the Policy Department of the NDC who participated in the contact gave the following answers to the questions raised by KCNA reporter on Thursday in this regard:

As already opened to the public, the group of traitors came out to the north-south secret contact, prompted by a foolish intention to shirk the responsibility for the total collapse of the inter-Korean relations.

By origin, the DPRK was well aware of the group's inveterate rejection of fellow countrymen and its true nature of confrontation hysteria. But when the south side repeatedly proposed having a secret contact while clarifying its stand that "it would no longer pick up the above-said two cases," the DPRK responded to it with the thought that it would not be bad to finally confirm, availing itself of the opportunity, whether it has a will to improve the inter-Korean relations and jointly pave the way for independent reunification, peace and prosperity or not.

But the attitude of the group manifested in the course of the secret contact proved that it sought only one sinister aim: to evade the responsibility for having driven the inter-Korean relations to collapse and create an environment favorable for "presidential" and "national assembly" elections to be held next year, indifferent to the requirements of the era and the desire of the fellow countrymen for national reconciliation, cooperation, peace and detente.

A typical example of its moves was the perfidy committed by the group. It behaved so recklessly as opening to the public before any others the misrepresented accounts of the secret contact. Not content with this, the group played jugglery of persistently evading the blame for what it said and did against the nation in the course of the contact and denying them.

We would like to cite specific facts to prove once again how nonsensically the group of traitors uttered.

To begin with, the group's assertion that the already disclosed contact was not aimed to open "summit talks" was a sheer lie.

We would like to quote what Kim Chon Sik, policy room chief of the puppet Ministry of Unification, uttered at the contact.

As soon as he met us, he hyped the "meaning" of the recent contact, reminding us that the contact was provided by the direct instruction and "approval" of the "president" for the purpose of opening "summit talks".

He noted that Hyon In Thaek, minister of Unification, was directly supervising the whole course of the contact and reporting about it to Chongwadae through an exclusive line.

Kim Chon Sik emphasized the fact that the contact was different from the secret contacts the secretariat of the "president" and the Intelligence Service had, independent of the above-said ministry in the past.

He repeatedly requested the DPRK side to keep all the accounts of the contact in secrecy till the contact proved successful as the contact was treated as a top secret known only to Lee Myung Bak, Hyon In Thaek, the chief of the Intelligence Service, the chief of the Secretariat of the President and those who were dispatched to it and if this was known to the south Korean society, it would be very bad because of its peculiarities.

Next, the south side's insistence that it neither put forth any compromise proposal regarding "apology" nor begged for it was a shameful excuse.

This moment, too, we clearly remember the words of the south side that the above-said two cases are the two "mountains to be crossed with wisdom" for improving the inter-Korean relations, describing them as an instruction from Hyon.

When it raised the issue of "apology," while talking about "feelings of the south" towards the "Cheonan" warship case only to meet a prompt rebuff from our side at the contact, the south side yielded a step and asked the DPRK side to make even a compromise proposal which cannot be interpreted as "apology" when viewed by the north side but viewed by the south side as "apology." Finding this not workable, the south side said if the north side expresses "regret" at least, the south side would accept it as "apology" and roll back its policy of confrontation pursued so far and even the "summit talks" could be rapidly pushed forward.

Our side explicitly told the south side as follows: To wrest "apology" from us for the case we had nothing to do with and for the exercise of its legitimate sovereignty is an insult to the DPRK and a manifestation of the south side's sinister intention to escalate the confrontation with the DPRK. You'd better go back to Seoul at once as such secret contact is unnecessary.

The group was so pitiful and cowardly as to ask the DPRK side to "make a clear concession".

Next, the south side's assertion that it never proposed "summit talks" according to schedule nor can it make its proposal is far-fetched sophism.

As regards this, Kim Thae Hyo, presidential secretary for Foreign Strategy of Chongwadae secretariat, might clearly say about it.

When the contact came to a rupture without reaching any agreement between both sides due to the south side's unreasonable insistence quite contrary to the principled and logical assertion of our side, Kim Thae Hyo produced a program he claimed was worked out in reflection of the "intention of the 'president'," saying the "summit talks" should be opened without fail and the present authorities are pressed for time.

This was the timetable for holding secret contact once again in Malaysia and then opening ministerial talks before having "summit talks" at Panmunjom in June, in Pyongyang in August and Seoul in March next year when the "summit for nuclear safety" would be held.

The DPRK side retorted the south side's assertion, saying what is the use of having such timetable under the present situation where no agreement has been reached.

Kim Thae Hyo must remember this well.

Can the south side deny the truth, insisting it never made such proposal though it unilaterally produced the above-said timetable that specified the dates and venues of such "summit talks"?

It is ridiculous for the group to plead as nonsense the fact that enveloped money was offered only to be shamed.

This fact can be confirmed through Kim Thae Hyo, presidential secretary for external strategy of the Chongwadae Secretariat, and Hong Chang Hwa, department director of the Intelligence Service, who were playing the leading role of the enveloped money case.

When the contact was on the verge of a rupture, Hong Chang Hwa took out enveloped money from a suitcase at the order of Kim Thae Hyo, who was going to give it to us. We rejected it at once, and Kim blushed and got irritated. Hong hurriedly put the money into the suitcase in an awkward movement and left without exchanging proper parting words with our delegates.

At first the group of traitors asserted that there was no case of enveloped money. But now it distorts the fact by claiming that the money was for expenses to be paid traditionally by the sponsor of contact rather than "reward" for leading the contact to "summit talks".

If it is usage for a party sponsoring any talks to pay necessary expenses as asserted by the south side, why didn't the south side present the enveloped money at the time of the two preceding rounds of contact?

The south side was well aware that the DPRK embassy provided lodging and boarding and vehicles. Then, was it going to pay the embassy the said enveloped money for living expenses during its stay? Its far-fetched assertion has gone far.

The money envelope case will be recorded as another behind-the-scene story in the history of the north-south relations as it was a brainchild of such feebleminded traitor as Lee Myung Bak and his top-class servants who are accustomed to assessing everything based on the almighty dollar idea.

The DPRK already knew that the group of traitors is made up of master-hands at fabrication.

The reason why the DPRK recounts on the secret contact is that the group is now faking up new stories, not content with falsifying the truth.

Lee Myung Bak is now letting puppet Prime Minister Kim Hwang Sik who has been kept in the dark about the contact, far from being involved in it say this or that.

In the meantime, puppet Minister of Unification Hyon In Thaek who engineered the contact has had hard time, distorting the truth and covering up his true colors as a vicious mastermind in an official appearance.

The south Korean authorities are keeping the participants in the contact in complete isolation from the outer world, holding them incommunicado. And Lee Myung Bak, prime mover of the contact, is keeping mum about it in a bid to prevent the greater effect of the case, out of a fear that "any word out of the president might trigger strong earthquake or tsunami at the moment".

We want to tell those who are anxious to know about the contact.

You had better directly ask Lee Myung Bak who instructed officials to hold contact and "approved" it. Then you will understand everything.

And please ask Hyon In Thaek who masterminded the whole course of the contact behind the scene. Then you will have the whole story of it.

It would be better to inquire Kim Thae Hyo, Kim Chon Sik and Hong Chang Hwa, participants in the contact, for more details. Then everything will become clear.

Should they continue to decline to reveal the truth and deceive their fellow countrymen and hatch plots, the DPRK will have no other choice but to make public the tape recording the whole course of the contact before the world.

The reason why the DPRK takes such measures is that the north-south relations are the most important issue common to the nation and that those measures are aimed to save the policy for fellow countrymen from being abused by some selfish traitors and to make it completely serve the interests of the popular masses, the maker of the policy.

Time will irrefutably prove the nature of the Lee Myung Bak group of traitors as betes noires who had been so brazenfaced as to make the mockery of the nation through falsity and deception, being keen on escalating confrontation with fellow countrymen.

The Lee Myung Bak group of traitors would be well advised to make a clean breast of the contact before it becomes too late.

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