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Rural Theses Leads to Changes in Construction

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, February 25 (KCNA) -- President Kim Il Sung made public a famous work "Theses on the Socialist Rural Question in Our Country" on February 25, Juche 53 (1964) after clarifying in an unique way the rural question in socialist society and crystallizing it.

Elucidated in the theses are ideas and theories arising in eliminating distinctions between towns and countryside and class distinctions between the working class and peasants and ultimately solving the rural question. Among them are ideas of accelerating three revolutions -- ideological, technical and cultural -- in countryside, increasing the state assistance to the rural communities, strengthening the state guidance to the agricultural management and bringing co-operative property closer to public property.

After publishing the work the President set forth quite a few policies at each stage of the developing revolution to implement the difficult and enormous tasks for socialist rural construction. As a result the rural communities have put an end to the centuries-old backwardness and poverty and ushered in a new history of prosperity.

His idea of socialist rural construction has been successfully carried forward by General Secretary Kim Jong Il.

From many years ago Kim Jong Il has paid deep concern to solving the rural question and steered the effort for implementing the theses. Busy as he was in safeguarding the country from the vicious moves of the U.S.-led imperialists in the period of "Arduous March", forced march, he saw to it that the political leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea and the state guidance to the agricultural management had been further strengthened.

In the days such agricultural policies as improving seed selection and potato and soya bean farming and doing double cropping a year have been put forward, vast-scale land readjustment successfully completed and gravity-fed waterways like Kaechon-Lake Thaesong, Paekma-Cholsan and Miru Plain waterways built to sharply increase agricultural production.

Migok Co-op Farm in Sariwon City, Sinam Co-op Farm in Ryongchon County, Samjigang Co-op Farm in Jaeryong County, Unhung Co-op Farm in Thaechon County, Tongbong Co-op Farm in Hamju County and many other cooperative farms in the country have been transformed into ideal rural communities appropriate to a thriving nation, stock-farming and fruit-growing bases built in different parts of the country and the peasants' material and cultural standards improved remarkably.

The above-mentioned achievements are entirely attributable to the theses on the socialist rural question.

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