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New Great Revolutionary Upswing Called for

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, January 6 (KCNA) -- The joint editorial for this year serves as a militant banner as it fully reflects the plan and determination of General Secretary Kim Jong Il to bring about historic leaping advances on all fronts of the socialist construction by effecting a new great revolutionary surge and thus open the gate to a great prosperous powerful nation without fail, says Rodong Sinmun Tuesday in an editorial.

It goes on:

All the officials and members of the Party and other working people should glorify this year as a year of the great revolutionary surge to be especially recorded in the history of building a great prosperous powerful nation through an all-people general offensive true to the idea and spirit set forth by the joint editorial.

It is the fighting traits and a mode of building socialism for the revolutionary Korean people to effect a great upswing.

To bring about the great surge at present means successfully carrying forward the great tradition of the great revolutionary upswing established by President Kim Il Sung and a historic great upswing to be recorded with brilliance in the history of the country along with the Songun era.

Sure to win is the struggle for effecting the above-said great revolutionary surge aimed at making a historic leap forward in building a great prosperous powerful nation.

Kim Jong Il has provided all the guidelines and foundations for demonstrating the might of the DPRK to the world with his ever-victorious Songun leadership for more than a decade.

The economic potential of the DPRK remarkably augmented by Kim Jong Il on the basis of the examples set in the creation and construction in the 21st century one by one in the course of his Songun leadership and the modern science and technology serves as a solid foundation whereby the country can make a historic leap forward in all fields.

The struggle to be waged this year to open the gate to a thriving nation is of key significance because a bright prospect of the Korean revolution and the future of socialist Korea depend on the ongoing struggle.

The heroic generation in the 1950s protected the Party and the leader and built socialism by effecting the great Chollima upswing.

The present generation should proudly build a great prosperous powerful nation by bringing about a great revolutionary surge in the Songun era and thus achieve the all-out victory of Korean style socialism and adorn a-hundred-year history of Kim Il Sung's Korea with the shining Juche era.

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