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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Major Weekly Developments in North Korea (August. 7 - August. 13, 2006)

ROK National Intelligence Service

Inside North Korea

The Central Broadcasting Station propagandized (Aug. 9), “In the agricultural sector, as a result of upholding the policy of the Workers’ Party of Korea to breed grass-eating animals on a massive scale and of forcefully launching the project to create grazing land and breed grass-eating animals over the past decade, grazing land has doubled and the number of goats has tripled since 1996.

The Chosun Central News Agency reported (Aug. 13), “Kim Jeong-il, accompanied by KPA generals Lee Myeong-su, Hyeon cheol-hae, Pak Jae-gyeong, Vice Department Director of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea Hwang Byeong-seo and others, inspected the stock-breeding center of KPA Unit 757. Touring the rabbit and goat farms as well as the grazing land, Kim said, ‘As a result of solidly building a livestock base at the army, great progress has been made in improving the diet of servicepersons. A large quantity of grass-eating animals such as goats and rabbits must be bred.’”

Outside North Korea

Quoting a commentary in the Rodong Shinmun, the Chosun Central News Agency blasted (Aug. 10), “The United States is the world’s largest biological and chemical war criminal and the principal offender in the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). The US raises issue with other nations over the issue of biological and chemical weapons solely as a pretext for aggression.”

Inter-Korean Issues

Quoting a commentary in the Rodong Shinmun, the Pyongyang Broadcasting Service propagandized (Aug. 7), “The United States, which is occupying South Korea by force, is not a deterrent of any sort, but a ringleader that is destroying peace and security on the Korean peninsula. The people of South Korea must further forcefully ignite the struggle against the US and against war, as well as the struggle for the withdrawal of US forces in order to quash the maneuvers by the US imperialists and aggressive forces to occupy South Korea by force.”

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