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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Lesson Shown by Lebanon War

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

 Pyongyang, August 30 (KCNA) -- The United States sustained shameful defeat in the Lebanon war. What the U.S. pursued in the war was to wipe out the Hezbollah force at a blow according to its strategy of "anti-terrorism" and to expand the American-style "democratization" in the Middle East region.
    However, any positive situation for the American-style "democratization" has not been created in the region but its prospect become gloomy.
    The Middle East countries came to realize clearly the aggressive nature of the "anti-terrorist war" of the United States and the bellicosity and brutality of the Bush administration through the war and held higher the anti-U.S. banner. It eloquently proves the political fiasco of the United States in the war.
    The Syrian President stated that the "conception for new Middle East" conceived by the United States and Israel is a delusion and on the verge of bankruptcy owing to their defeat in the war.
    The United States and Israel also suffered ignominious military defeat.
    In accordance with the scenario worked out by the U.S., Israel mobilized tens of thousands of armed forces and latest war equipment for 30-odd days to launch vigorous attacks on Hezbollah in the air and on the ground and sea.
    The Hezbollah guerrillas, which had neither tanks nor aircraft, were very poor but gained the supremacy over the Israeli army with their stubborn resistance and tactical advantage.
    The war showed Israel could not subdue the Hezbollah force and the escalation of the "anti-terrorist war" through the Lebanon war resulted in further tightening the windpipe of the U.S.
    The international community compelled the United States to comply with the demand for giving up the war and to make public that the issue of disarming the Hezbollah force is left to Lebanon. The U.S. thus retreated from the stand on wiping out Hezbollah it had taken at the initial phase of the war. Now the Bush administration does not dare dispatch its troops to the ever growing UN peace-keeping force to be deployed in southern Lebanon according to the resolution of the UN Security Council.
    The international community ridicules the Bush administration crazy with "liberal democracy".
    Mass media observes that encouraged by the Lebanon war, Iran, Syria and other countries will tighten their partnership and further strengthen their stance against the U.S. in the Middle East.
    The American-style "democratization" the purpose of which is to trample down the sovereignty of other nations and impose disgrace and submission on them is nothing but a day-dream.
    This is the lesson given to the U.S. by the Lebanon war.
    The United States should give up its foolish attempt to change sovereign states and nations at will.

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