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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Philosophical Principle of Juche Idea

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

   Pyongyang, August 18 (KCNA) --The Juche idea is based on the philosophical principle that man is the master of everything and decides everything, which was fathered by President Kim Il Sung. Man is the master of everything. This means that man is the master of the world and his destiny. This also clarifies the position of man in the world.
    The man lets everything in the nature and society serve him and dominates it.
    The people are not subjected to the nature but subordinate it to their requirements. The further their intelligence and ability develop, the wider their domination sphere expands.
    They are the very ones who create and use everything of society and administer the society. And the social relationship is just relationship between men and the looks of society change in accordance with their activities.
    Man decides everything. This means that he plays a decisive role in transforming the world and shaping his destiny. This also clarifies the role of man in the world.
    Remaking the nature is influenced not only by the people but also by objective factors including machines and equipment. Man also plays a decisive role in this sphere, because he not only makes and handles the machines and equipment but also makes use of the objective factors.
    The social development is achieved by men, too. Through their labor, the people create the material wealth of the society and constantly improve their living conditions. And through their activities, the outmoded social relationship is changed with new one and new and advanced things are created in every domain of the social life.
    Therefore, man plays a decisive role in transforming and developing the nature and society as the only remaker of the world.
    The philosophical principle of the Juche idea has brought about a new change in the world outlook.

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