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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Rodong Sinmun Calls for More Vigorous Anti-War Struggle

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

   Pyongyang, August 17 (KCNA) -- The struggle against the United States, Japan and the "government" is growing fiercer across south Korea with the involvement of many people from all walks of life. It is realistic and natural as it is a revelation of their unshakable will to defend peace of the country and security of the nation from outsiders' aggression and war moves and from the moves of the pro-American bellicose forces following them and invariably advance along the road of independent reunification. Rodong Sinmun says this in a signed article today.
    In order to ensure peace on the Korean Peninsula and achieve its peaceful reunification, it is urgent to oppose the aggression and war moves and remove the danger of war, the article points out, and says:
    The U.S. imperialists are now recklessly scheming to stifle the DPRK which is dynamically advancing toward socialism under the uplifted banner of independence against imperialism. They are resorting to all sorts of machinations to lay an "international siege" to the DPRK, while speeding up arms buildup and staging madcap war exercises to invade it.
    Such adventurous anti-DPRK moves are driving the military tension of the Korean Peninsula to the point of explosion.
    The imminent situation requires the Koreans to intensify national cooperation for peace and security of the country. It is because ensuring peace on this land is not a matter related to security of either the north or the south but a matter related to the whole Korean Peninsula and the destiny of the Korean nation. It is clear that if a war breaks out in the peninsula due to the reckless military provocation of the U.S. imperialists, their nukes will bring nuclear holocaust to all Koreans in the north and the south.
    Nevertheless, the pro-American bellicose forces in south Korea are chiming in with the U.S. war moves.
    The facts clearly show that it is necessary for all the fellow countrymen to wage a more vigorous struggle against the aggression and war moves of the U.S. imperialists and the flunkeyism of the pro-American bellicose forces in south Korea in order to defend peace from war on the Korean Peninsula and reunify it.
    The Korean nation is responsible for defending peace and preventing war on the peninsula where war and peace are in acute confrontation.
    The south Korean people should more staunchly and invariably go along the road of struggle judged and chosen by themselves for peace and security of the peninsula.

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