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2003 Cuba Special Weapons News

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  • CONGRESS / CUBA VOA 13 Nov 2003 -- U-S congressional negotiators, bowing to White House pressure, have scrapped an effort aimed at lifting the four-decades-old ban on travel to Cuba.
  • U.S. Criticizes U.N. Call for End to Cuba Trade Embargo Washington File 04 Nov 2003 -- The United States voiced strong exception to what it calls a "misguided" resolution passed November 4 by the United Nations General Assembly calling for the end to the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba.
  • UN/CUBA RESOLUTION VOA 04 Nov 2003 -- The U-N General Assembly has overwhelmingly approved a non-binding resolution condemning the U-S economic embargo of Cuba. All but Washington's staunchest allies joined the chorus of critics.


  • CONGRESS / CUBA VOA 29 Oct 2003 -- U-S lawmakers are urging President Bush not to make good on his threat to veto legislation containing language that would effectively lift the ban on travel to Cuba by Americans.
  • CONGRESS/CUBA VOA 23 Oct 2003 -- Defying a veto threat from President Bush, the Republican-led Senate joined the House of Representatives in approving a measure aimed at easing restrictions on U-S travel to Cuba.
  • U.S. Official Outlines Measures to Inhibit Illegal Travel to Cuba Washington File 17 Oct 2003 -- Although "illegal travel to Cuba -- especially tourist travel -- may seem harmless, it is in fact an important source of revenue" for the regime of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, says R. Richard Newcomb, director of the U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).
  • EDITORIAL: CUBA WILL SOON BE FREE VOA 17 Oct 2003 -- The United States has tried repeatedly to improve relations with Cuba's Communist dictator Fidel Castro. The U.S. has offered to ease trade and travel restrictions if the Cuban government enacted political and economic reforms. But as President George W. Bush said, Castro has responded to these offers with "a new round of oppression that outraged the world's conscience."
  • President Bush Pledges to Assist Cause of Freedom in Cuba Washington File 10 Oct 2003 -- "Cuba must change," President Bush said in announcing new efforts to hasten Cuba's transition to democracy.
  • REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT ON CUBA October 10, 2003 - "Clearly, the Castro regime will not change by its own choice," Bush said. Accordingly, the president announced several new initiatives "intended to hasten the arrival of a new, free, democratic Cuba."
  • White House Outlines New Initiatives on Cuba Washington File 10 Oct 2003 -- President Bush October 10 announced three initiatives he said would promote the cause of freedom in Cuba, including a tightening of restrictions on American travel to the island.
  • BUSH/CUBA VOA 10 Oct 2003 -- President Bush has announced measures he says will strengthen efforts to bring about political change in Cuba. Mr. Bush will increase Cuban immigration and crack down on Americans who illegally travel to the island.
  • Cuba calls on the United States to prove biological weapons accusations Foreign Ministry note - October 7, 2003 - Cuba totally rejects these new imperial threats by Mr. Noriega and once again denounces the Bush administration plans aimed at pleasing the Cuban-American extreme rightwing that is increasing pressure and intensifying its electoral blackmail as the 2004 presidential elections approach.
  • Castro's Repression Sparks International Opposition to Regime Washington File 02 Oct 2003-- Cuban dictator Fidel Castro's most recent acts of repression have given rise to a growing international consensus on the need for a democratic transition in Cuba, says Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Roger Noriega.


  • Cuba Opposes European Union's Interfering Policy Havana, Sept 30th 2003 (AIN) Cuba expressed its opposition to the European Union´s interfering and double-standard policy of the island during the inaugural ceremony of the 11th International Conference on European Studies,
  • Cuba After Fidel VOA 24 Sept 2003-- A leading United States expert on Cuba Tuesday unveiled a new book examining prospects for U-S Cuban relations in the years ahead
  • U.S. Issues 20,000 Immigrant Visas to Cubans in 2003 Washington File 23 Sept 2003-- Under the auspices of the Migration Accords with Cuba, the United States issued more than 20,000 immigrant visas to Cuban nationals in Fiscal Year 2003, according to a September 22 press statement issued by the State Department.
  • EUROPE / CUBA VOA 18 Sept 2003-- Three former Eastern European leaders are urging a concerted international campaign to end communist rule in Cuba
  • 09/22/03 The United States Issues 20,000 Immigrant Visas to Cuban Citizens in FiscalYear 2003


  • CUBA VOA 14 Aug 2003 -- A Cuban court has given prison terms to six Cubans who hijacked a boat in an attempt to reach the United States. The incident has stirred some political waves in the U.S. involving the Bush Administration.
  • 08/01/03 - Cuba: The State of Political Prisoners US State Department Fact Sheet


  • 07/30/03 - U.S. Cuba Policy US State Department Fact Sheet
  • 07/30/03 - Cuba: Espionage US State Department Fact Sheet
  • 07/30/03 - Cuba: Economic Summary US State Department Fact Sheet
  • Fact Sheet: Cuba: Espionage US Dept. of State 30 Jul 2003 -- The Castro regime has long targeted the United States for intensive espionage activities.
  • Cuban Espionage Activities Against the United States Washington File 30 Jul 2003 -- The U.S. Department of State issued a fact sheet on July 30, examining Cuba's history of espionage against the United States and outlining several examples of recent anti-U.S. spying by Cuban agents. These incidents are simply the latest evidence that the regime of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro "has long targeted the United States for intensive espionage activities," the State Department said.
  • EU: Baffled By Castro Attacks, Brussels Threatens To Review Its Cuban Policy RFE/L 30 Jul 2003 -- Repeated verbal attacks by Cuban President Fidel Castro on the European Union and its individual leaders may soon force Brussels to carry out the threat made earlier this month to "review" its policy of constructive engagement with the communist nation. Castro appears to have taken issue with recent EU criticism of Havana's renewed crackdown on dissidents and the execution of three hijackers this spring.
  • Speech given by Fidel Castro Ruz at the Ceremony commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Attack on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Garrisons Santiago de Cuba, July 26, 2003
  • 07/24/03 - Cuba's Foreign Debt US State Department Fact Sheet
  • CUBA / HIJACK VOA 16 Jul 2003 -- A surveying boat stolen from Cuba with 15 people on board appears headed for U-S territorial waters. U-S Coast Guard officials will not say where the boat is, but they say U-S laws protecting the nation's borders will be enforced.
  • Agency Says Cuba Jamming US Government Satellite Broadcasts to Iran VOA News 15 Jul 2003 -- A U.S. government-funded broadcasting agency has condemned Cuba for allegedly jamming U.S. international broadcasts to Iran.


  • EDITORIAL: CASTRO REAFFIRMS HARSH SENTENCES VOA 27 Jun 2003 -- Cuban dictator Fidel Castro's "Supreme Tribunal," the highest level of Cuba's compromised judicial system, has "upheld" the harsh prison sentences imposed on dozens of Cubans whose only crime was to speak out for democracy. The sentences were announced after sham trials were held -- trials that made a mockery of any notion of fairness or due process.
  • The United States of America is dragging the European Union into the anti-Cuban campaign Havana, 16 June 2003 (National News Agency) The unspoken influence of the anti-Cuban Mafia of Miami in the Bush administration penetrated also into the European Union, now subjected like never before to the power of the imperialist master of the North,
  • Cuba Subjects Jailed Dissidents to Harsh Conditions, Inhumane Treatment Washington File 13 Jun 2003 -- Pro-democracy activists jailed by the regime of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro are systematically subjected to harsh and life-threatening prison conditions, according to first-hand accounts smuggled out of Cuba by relatives of incarcerated dissidents.
  • EDITORIAL: POWELL ON CUBA VOA 12 Jun 2003 -- Cuba's brutal Communist dictator Fidel Castro maintains an oppressive system that deprives the Cuban people of their livelihood and freedom. The Castro regime persecutes dissidents and human rights activists. Hundreds of political prisoners languish in Cuban jails. Independent journalists are harassed and intimidated.
  • CUBAN CRACKDOWN VOA 12 Jun 2003 -- U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell traveled to Santiago, Chile, this week for a meeting of the Organization of American States. He called on Latin America to follow the example of the European Union in speaking out against the recent crackdown by Fidel Castro's Communist regime in Cuba. The rest of the world is now "starting to take note" of the Cuban dictator's "increasingly poor human rights behavior," Powell said. The European Union had been expanding relations with Cuba, but after Castro jailed seventy-five pro-democracy activists and journalists, the E-U imposed sanctions on Cuba. The E-U denounced the crackdown as "deplorable," and "a continuing flagrant violation of human rights." Will Europe and the Organization of American States join the U-S in a tougher policy toward Cuba?
  • Statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the European Union position against Cuba Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Havana 11 June, 2003 - Once again the European Union has decided to kowtow to the U.S. government over the subject of its policy towards Cuba. The European Union, ignoring usual diplomatic practices, published a communiqué on the morning of June 5th in which they announced punitive measures against Cuba.
  • TRADING WITH THE ENEMY VOA 05 Jun 2003 -- More than four decades ago, the United States imposed a trade embargo on Cuba, in response to the nationalization of U-S businesses and properties under the new revolutionary government of Fidel Castro. For years, the former Soviet Union had propped up the Cuban economy. Now however, the island nation of 11-million people is suffering through economic hardship that some say is worsened by the embargo. Others blame Cuba's economic woes on Fidel Castro's communist regime. But the controversy surrounding the embargo is not so much about whether or not it is hurting the Cuban economy as it is about whether or not it's an effective tool for bringing about change in the Cuban government.
  • Health of Imprisoned Cuban Dissidents Concerns U.S. Washington File 02 Jun 2003 -- The United States is concerned about the health of several political prisoners in Cuba, according to a June 2 statement issued by State Department Deputy Spokesman Philip Reeker.
  • U-S / CUBA PRISONERS VOA 02 Jun 2003 -- The United States Monday demanded that Cuba provide adequate health care for a recently imprisoned dissident, Oscar Espinosa Chepe, said to be suffering from a life-threatening liver ailment and other medical problems. The State Department says others among the 75 opponents of the Fidel Castro government sentenced to prison terms in April are also ill.


  • EDITORIAL: BUSH SPEAKS TO THE CUBAN PEOPLE VOA 23 May 2003 -- President George W. Bush spoke in Spanish to the people of Cuba on the one-hundred-first anniversary of Cuba's independence from Spain.
  • BUSH / CUBA VOA 20 May 2003 -- President Bush marked Cuban Independence Day (Tuesday) with a broadcast message to the Cuban people and a meeting at the White House with Cuban dissidents who now live in the United States.
  • 05/19/03 Supporting the Ideals of Democracy and Human Rights in Cuba, Ambassador Roger F. Noriega, U.S. Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States, Remarks to the Permanent Council, OAS, Washington, DC
  • CUBA / US RELATIONS VOA 18 May 2003 -- top Cuban official claims the Bush administration is trying to create dissent by paying U-S agents in the communist island nation.
  • Cuba desires ever-widening relations with the European Union, but they must be based on mutual respect STATEMENT FROM MINREX May 17, 2003 - This decision is Cuba's response to the one adopted by the European Commission on April 30 to indefinitely postpone the evaluation of the Cuban application that the Commission should have presented to the Council of Ministers of the 15 countries of the European Union, under the pretext of European disagreement with the just sentence imposed by the Cuban courts on mercenaries collaborating with the U.S. government and the hijackers of the Baraguá ferry.
  • NY/ CUBA PROTESTS VOA 17 May 2003 -- In New York today (Saturday), pro and anti- Fidel Castro activists demonstrated across from the Cuban Mission to the United Nations. At the same time, a coalition of Cuban-American artists and writers condemned Cuba's latest crackdown on dissidents.
  • Expelled Cuban Diplomats Suspected of Espionage, Says State Dept. Washington File 14 May 2003 -- The decision to expel 14 Cuban diplomats from U.S. soil was in response to "certain inappropriate and unacceptable activities" that the diplomats engaged in, says State Department deputy spokesman Philip Reeker.
  • CONGRESS CUBA VOA 14 May 2003 -- A group of bi-partisan U-S lawmakers has introduced a bill calling for an end to the U-S ban on travel by Americans to Cuba. In the wake of a recent crackdown on dissidents in Cuba, the lawmakers argue that engagement, rather than isolation, is the best way to bring change to the Communist-ruled Caribbean nation.
  • CUBA/U-S EXPULSIONS VOA 14 May 2003 -- Cuba's communist government has condemned the U-S expulsion of 14 Cuban diplomats as "an aggressive step" and a "provocation." However, Havana has not announced any reciprocal action against U-S diplomats posted there.
  • U-C/CUBA/ EXPULSIONS VOA 13 May 2003 -- The United States is expelling 14 Cuban diplomats, on charges of alleged espionage. Seven of the diplomats were assigned to the Cuban mission to the United Nations.
  • Caribbean Community Joins Global Outcry Against Repression in Cuba Washington File 12 May 2003 -- The 15-member community of Caribbean nations known as Caricom has joined the international outcry against the latest crackdown on human rights in Cuba by calling for clemency for the 75 dissidents who were recently jailed on charges of alleged crimes against state security.
  • "How to Hurt Castro," by Congressman Jeff Flake Washington File 12 May 2003 -- This column by Representative Jeff Flake, Republican of Arizona, a member of the House International Relations Committee, was first published May 12 in the New York Times.
  • Cuba Identified as World's Second-Worst Place to Practice Journalism Washington File 05 May 2003 -- Cuba is the world's second-worst place to practice journalism after Iraq, says the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).
  • CUBA / CRACKDOWN VOA 05 May 2003 -- In the past few weeks, the Cuban government has jailed more than 70 dissidents and journalists and executed three men who hijacked a ferry. The reasons for Fidel Castro's crackdown were the topic of a recent debate by Cuba watchers.


  • BUSH / CUBA RIGHTS VOA 29 Apr 2003 -- The White House has denounced Cuba's re-election to the U-N's human rights commission. Bush administration officials say it is like choosing a robber to protect a bank.
  • U.S. Outraged at Cuba's Election to U.N. Human Rights Commission Washington File 29 Apr 2003 -- Calling Cuba's re-election to the United Nations (U.N.) Human Rights Commission an "outrage," the United States walked out of a meeting April 29 of the U.N. Economic and Social Council.
  • CUBA/DISSIDENTS VOA 29 Apr 2003 -- Cuban authorities say their recent crackdown on dissent has destroyed what the communist government of President Fidel Castro describes as an attempt by U-S diplomats to create political instability on the island. After summary trials earlier this month, 75 dissidents were sentenced to prison terms of as much as 28 years. But a leading human-rights advocate in Cuba says the repression has failed to stop the peaceful struggle for democracy.
  • POWELL/CUBA VOA 28 Apr 2003 -- Secretary of State Colin Powell says the Bush administration is reviewing all aspects of U-S policy toward Cuba, in light of the crackdown on dissent there. In comments to reporters Monday, Mr. Powell called Fidel Castro's communist government an "aberration" in the Western Hemisphere.
  • CUBA / U-S VOA 27 Apr 2003 -- Tensions between the United States and Cuba are at their highest level in nearly a decade. The Bush Administration has blasted Cuba's recent crackdown on internal dissent, while Cuba has accused the United States of meddling in its internal affairs and provoking conflict that could lead to war between the two nations. Some observers are wondering whether Cuba may be preparing to unleash a mass-exodus of asylum-seekers into the Florida Straits.
  • US-CUBA / HUMAN RIGHTS VOA 17 Apr 2003 -- The Bush administration is welcoming adoption of a resolution on Cuba by the U-N Human Rights Commission in Geneva, even though the 53-nation forum voted down a Costa Rican amendment that would have specially condemned Cuba's recent crackdown on dissidents.
  • U.S. Goal is "Rapid, Peaceful" Transition to Democracy in Cuba Washington File 17 Apr 2003 -- The White House has added its voice to those of the international figures and organizations denouncing the Castro regime for its arrest and sentencing of Cuban dissidents it accuses of collaborating with the United States.
  • CUBA/DRC/BURUNDI/U-N VOA 17 Apr 2003 -- The top U-N human-rights forum has passed a resolution calling for Cuba to accept a visit by a rights investigator, but rejected an amendment condemning its recent clampdown on dissidents. The Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi were also censured for rights violations.
  • 04/17/03 Passage of the Resolution on the Situation of Human Rights in Cuba , Kevin E. Moley, Ambassador to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights in Geneva, Remarks to the Press, Geneva, Switzerland
  • CONGRESS / CUBA VOA 16 Apr 2003 -- Members of Congress have renewed criticism of the Cuban government in the wake of a recent crackdown on dissidents in that country. Lawmakers on the House (of Representatives) International Relations committee gathered in an unusual hearing during a congressional recess (break) to examine recent developments.
  • OAS Commission Condemns Cuban Government's Executions of Three Persons Washington File 16 Apr 2003 -- The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has condemned the Cuban government's execution of three men charged with the hijacking of a passenger ferry boat in Havana and taking its passengers hostage.
  • U.S. Official Criticizes Cuba's Repression of Dissidents Washington File 16 Apr 2003 -- The Cuban government's recent crackdown on dissidents is indicative of its failure, and the United States must continue to support Cuban citizens in their efforts toward democracy and a better life, says Lorne Craner, assistant secretary of state for democracy, human rights and labor.
  • U.S. Applauds Latin American Resolution Condemning Cuba on Human Rights Washington File 16 Apr 2003 -- The United States strongly backs a resolution introduced by three Latin American nations before the United Nations Commission on Human Rights condemning the violations of human rights in Cuba by the regime of Cuban President Fidel Castro, says Kim Holmes, the State Department's assistant secretary of state in the Bureau of International Organization Affairs.
  • U.S. to Continue Working Toward Peaceful Change in Cuba, Says Official Washington File 16 Apr 2003 -- The Bush Administration's work with "truly independent Cuban civil society" is helping the United States move toward the goal of encouraging rapid, peaceful transition to democracy in the island nation, says Curtis Struble, the State Department's acting assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs.
  • USAID Official Says Agency Will Continue to Assist Cuba's People Washington File 16 Apr 2003 -- Although "many millions of people in another part of the world" have now been released from the grip of a brutal dictatorship, "the Cuban people are not yet free," says Karen Harbert, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) deputy assistant administrator for Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Secretary of State Powell Condemns Repression in Cuba Washington File 16 Apr 2003 -- The Cuban government's arrest, summary trial and subsequent harsh sentencing of 75 dissidents are "condemnable" actions and should spark outrage, particularly among regional leaders and representatives of those nations participating in the United Nations Human Rights Commission currently convened in Geneva, says Secretary of State Colin Powell.
  • MEXICO/CUBA VOA 15 Apr 2003 -- Published reports in Mexico indicate that the government of President Vicente Fox is planning to vote in favor of a resolution criticizing Cuba at the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva this week. The Cuban Communist government has drawn worldwide condemnation for its recent crackdown on dissidents and the summary execution of three accused hijackers last week.
  • U-S / CUBA / REGIME CHANGE VOA 15 Apr 2003 -- With Saddam Hussein's removal from power in Iraq, many Cuban exiles say the United States should turn its attention to another dictator closer to U-S shores: Cuban President Fidel Castro. Cuban exiles wonder why Mr. Castro remains in power when the United States has forced regime change in another part of the world.
  • U.S. Criticizes Prison Sentences for Cuban Dissidents Washington File 14 Apr 2003 -- Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick, head of the U.S. delegation to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights, has expressed criticism of the Cuban government's imposition of long prison sentences on 75 human rights dissidents.
  • EDITORIAL: CUBAN CRACKDOWN ON DISSENT VOA 11 Apr 2003 -- In the most severe crackdown in years, the Communist regime of Fidel Castro is imprisoning dozens of journalists, economists, and political reformers.
  • CUBA / EXECUTIONS VOA 11 Apr 2003 -- Cuba has executed three men charged with terrorism in connection with the recent hijacking of a passenger ferry.
  • Powell Urges an End to Repression in Cuba Washington File 10 Apr 2003 -- Secretary of State Colin Powell, describing the Cuban government's recent crackdown on dissidents as "the most significant act of political repression in decades" by Cuba, issued a formal statement April 10 urging Cuban President Fidel Castro to "end this despicable repression" and free the jailed dissidents.
  • ARGENTINA / CAMPAIGN VOA 10 Apr 2003 -- The campaign in Argentina's presidential election is in high gear, but voters appear as ambivalent about the candidates as ever.
  • POWELL / CUBA VOA 10 Apr 2003 -- U-S Secretary of State Colin Powell Thursday condemned what he termed Cuba's "despicable repression" of political opponents and called for the immediate release of the nearly 80 dissidents sentenced to prison earlier this week.
  • U.S. Lawmakers Pass Resolution on Cuba Calling for Release of Political Prisoners and Free Elections U.S. House of Representatives - Washington, DC - April 9, 2003 - House Resolution 179 passed the U.S. House of Representatives on April 8 by a vote of 414 to 0. The resolution says Cuba's government continues to repress all peaceful attempts by the Cuban people to bring democratic change to the island by denying universally recognized liberties, including freedom of speech, press, and assembly.
  • CONGRESS / CUBA VOA 08 Apr 2003 -- Members of Congress have condemned Cuban President Fidel Castro in the wake of a crackdown on dissidents in that country. The U-S House of Representatives Tuesday debated a resolution calling for the immediate release of Cuban political prisoners.
  • Presentation to the Cuba Transition Project James C. Cason, Chief of Mission U.S. Interests Section, Havana, Cuba - April 7, 2003 - Dissidents have told me on many occasions that the most critical issue in Cuba today is the Government of Cuba's blockade against its own people. That blockade simply will not go away if the U.S. unilaterally removes travel restrictions and/or the trade embargo.
  • CUBA / DISSIDENTS VOA 07 Apr 2003 -- In Cuba, the first in a series of trials of political dissidents ended Monday with sentences from 15 to 25 years imposed on several well-known opposition figures. Human rights groups worldwide are condemning the summary trials as acts of government repression.
  • U-S / CUBA TRIALS VOA 07 Apr 2003 -- The United States is condemning the prison terms being handed down to leading Cuban dissidents in what the State Department describes as "show trials" and "sham proceedings" by Fidel Castro's government.
  • 04/07/03 Remarks on Cuba Transition Project and Emergence of Activists in Cuba , James C. Cason, Chief of Mission, U.S. Interests Section, Havana, Cuba , Remarks to University of Miami, Miami, Florida
  • 04/03/03 Cuba: Kangaroo Courts
  • U-S/CUBA/DISSIDENTS VOA 03 Apr 2003 -- The United States is condemning in unusually strong terms the Cuban government's move to put on trial at least 78 political dissidents. The State Department says the dissidents face what it termed "summary justice" in "kangaroo courts."
  • CUBA/DISSIDENTS VOA 02 Apr 2003 -- Political dissident leaders in Havana say Cuba's communist government will begin summary trials on Thursday for more than 70 dissidents and independent journalists who were arrested in a government crackdown in March. Prosecutors may seek life sentences for some of the dissidents who are accused of plotting with the United States to undermine the government of Cuban President Fidel Castro.
  • U-S / CUBA / HIJACKING VOA 01 Apr 2003 -- The U-S and Cuban governments are exchanging angry comments after the second hijacking of a Cuban airliner to the United States in the span of two weeks. Cuba says U-S immigration policy is encouraging the incidents, while the Bush administration says Cuban police should clamp down on airport security, rather than political dissidents.


  • 03/26/03 Castro Government Cracks Down on Pro-Democracy and Human Rights Activists
  • 03/06/03 Limits on Books and Information in Cuba



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