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PLA's first field modular camping and supporting system puts into use

PLA Daily

Source: China Military Online
Editor: Li Jiayao

2020-07-28 21:01:08

By Lai Yuhong and Jing Bin

BEIJING, July 28 – Recently, the first modular camping and supporting system, which was piloted by the Joint Logistic Support Force of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), has passed the procedure of evaluation and been officially distributed to the military.

The system provides various modules that can be quickly-assembled into a field camp, which includes tent, container, steel-structured house, and combination modules. According to the characteristics of specific tasks and environmental conditions, the troops can carry out flexible insertion and assembly, so as to facilitate quick maneuver capability and better support for the troops.

As a mature industrialized product, the inflatable tent of the system is lightweight, simple in structure, and quick to open, which can be flexibly put together and be integrated with multiple functional modules including commanding, accommodation, conference, storage, dining, bathroom, and air conditioning. A field camp can be quickly set up in a short time based on the system, which is able to provide integrated field camping support for a battalion-sized troop unit.

In order to meet the troops' needs in field camping to the maximum extent, the relevant departments under the PLA Joint Logistic Support Force have also made a number of improvements and innovations in the design of the supporting system, as shown by the integrated tap water equipment that could provide both domestic and direct drinking water for service members; and the mobile silent power station that makes use of advanced noise reduction technology.

It is reported that the PLA Joint Logistic Support Force will continue to cooperate with scientific research institutions such as the PLA Academy of Military Sciences to optimize and improve the system's functional modules, such as camouflage protection, anti-strike, and so on.

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