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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

January 2003 - China Special Weapons News

  • CHINA/FALUN GONG VOA 30 Jan 2003 -- China detains an American member of the banned Falun Gong sect for interfering with television broadcasts. Also, an Australian member of the group will be released Thursday after a weeklong detention in China
  • CHINA / BUSH REACT VOA 30 Jan 2003 -- China is calling for stronger international diplomacy to resolve the Iraq crisis and the North Korean standoff. China's comments follow President Bush's warning that time for discussion is running out for Baghdad
  • HONG KONG / SUBVERSION VOA 28 Jan 2003 -- The Hong Kong government has announced it is amending a planned anti-subversion law -- in response to criticism it would limit the territory's basic freedoms.The changes were met with mixed reaction.
  • CHINA / TIBET VOA 28 Jan 2003 -- U-S diplomats have voiced concern over China's execution of a Tibetan man and the death sentence given to a monk for bomb attacks allegedly in support of Tibetan independence. U-S officials worry the Tibetans did not receive a fair trial
  • CHINA TIBET EXECUTION VOA 27 Jan 2003 -- China executes a Tibetan for bomb attacks it says were meant to promote Tibetan independence. Human rights groups question the fairness of his trial and that of another Tibetan sentenced to death
  • CHINA / DISSIDENT VOA 25 Jan 2003 -- China expels prominent democracy activist Fang Jue and sends him to the United States. As Niva Whyman reports from Beijing, Mr. Fang is a former Chinese government official who was jailed after calling for free elections
  • CHINA / WORKERS RIGHTS VOA 23 Jan 2003 -- China has announced new measures to improve conditions for workers - by banning discrimination against rural migrant laborers and publishing the first handbook on workers' rights. The moves come as China is facing unprecedented labor protests due to rapid market reforms of the communist centralized economy
  • CHINA DISSIDENTS VOA 22 Jan 2003 -- prominent democracy activist goes on trial in China and a jailed Tibetan monk says he's being persecuted for fighting for minority and religious freedoms
  • Daily Press Briefing State Department 16 Jan 2003 -- One China Policy / Taiwan Defense Meeting / Sec. Powell Meeting with the Chinese Foreign Minister in New York
  • CHINA/TAIWAN RELATIONS VOA 16 Jan 2003-- China's top official on Taiwan renews a call for direct links with the island to be established as soon as possible. His comment comes as Taiwanese airlines prepare for their first cross-strait flights
  • CHINA / FALUN GONG VOA 10 Jan 2003-- China says it has arrested the leader of a secret branch of the banned Falun Gong sect
  • CHINA BOEING CHARGES VOA 07 Jan 2003-- Beijing says allegations that China bought rocket technology from U-S companies are false and "laughable"
  • China Spacesat and Thales Telematics sign a Memorandum of Understanding for China Thales 03 Jan 2003 -- Beijing, December 18, 2002 - On the last day of the first China-Europe seminar on Galileo, China Spacesat and Thales Telematics have signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) in the field of telematics solutions.
  • Daily Press Briefing State Department 03 Jan 2003 -- Israeli Security Assistance to China
  • Daily Press Briefing State Department 02 Jan 2003 -- Consultations Regarding Technology Transfer to China / Charging Letter to Hughes and Boeing for Violation of Export Controls Act
  • U-S-Israel-China VOA 02 Jan 2003-- The Bush administration said Thursday it has been pressing Israel to refrain from selling advanced military hardware and technology to China. U-S officials say they're concerned such transactions might tip the military balance between China and Taiwan
  • YEARENDER-CHINA POLITICS VOA 30 Dec 2002-- In the coming year, China will carry out its most orderly transfer of power in more than a half-century of Communist rule. Chinese President Jiang Zemin retires as Communist Party chief and hands the position to Vice President Hu Jintao.

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