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Tuesday, July 14, 1998

From today's Washington Times

"U.S. Technology Builds 'Bridge' for China Missile"

By Bill Gertz

"China's new rocket stage developed for a U.S. satellite contact created a 'technology bridge' that could help the Chinese deploy multiple warheads on strategic missiles, according to a classified Air Force intelligence report. …

"A copy of the report, labeled 'secret,' was obtained by The Washington Times from Pentagon sources. …

"Henry Sokoloski, a former Pentagon weapons proliferation official, said the report challenges the claims of some Clinton administration officials who have dismissed the satellite dispenser-warhead link.

"U.S. multiple, independently targeted re-entry vehicle, or MIRV, technology grew directly out of satellite dispensing technology, he said. 'It's sad that we have to go to these lengths to leak a classified report explaining the sky is blue and that satellite dispensing technology is interchangeable with MIRV technology,' Mr. Sokolski said.

"Congress and the Justice Department are investigating whether recent U.S. satellite deals aided China's missile development. Many of the disputed deals were made possible through waivers issued by the administration. …

"According to a separate NAIC [National Air Intelligence Center] report on the missile threat issued earlier this year, the strategic arsenals of both China and Russia 'continue to pose a threat to the United States.' Both countries 'continue to develop new strategic missile systems,' it said."


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