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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Hegemonism Remains Main Source of Threats to World Peace

BEIJING, July 27 (Xinhua) -- Hegemonism and power politics remains the main source of threats to world peace and stability, China says today in a white paper on its national defense.

The white paper, entitled "China's National Defense," was issued today by the Information Office of the State Council, the country's highest governing body.

The white paper points out that there still exist some factors of instability both globally and regionally. Hegemonism and power politics remain the main source of threats to world peace and stability.

It says that the cold war mentality and its influence still have a certain currency, and the enlargement of military blocs and the strengthening of military alliances have added factors of instability to international security.

The white paper says some countries, by relying on their military advantages, pose military threats to other countries, even resorting to armed intervention. The old unfair and irrational international economic order still damages the interests of developing countries.

It says, history has proved that the concepts and systems of security with military alliances as the basis and increasing military might as the means could not be conducive to peace during the cold war.

The white paper adds that under the new situation, especially, enlarging military blocs and strengthening military alliances run counter to the tide of the times. Security cannot be guaranteed by an increase in arms, nor by military alliances, it says.

It stresses that security should be based on mutual trust and common interests. All the countries should promote trust through dialogue, seek security through cooperation, respect each other's sovereignty, solve disputes through peaceful means and strive for common development.

It says, to obtain lasting peace, it is imperative to abandon the cold war mentality, cultivate a new concept of security and seek a new way to safeguard peace.

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