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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

China Issues White Paper on National Defense

BEIJING, July 27 (Xinhua) -- A white paper has said that the social system, development strategy and way of life that China has chosen conform to the actual conditions of the country, and no factors prompting invasion of another country can emerge.

The 30,000-character white paper, titled "China's National Defense," was issued by the Information Office of the State Council of China today.

It contains six parts: Foreword, the International Security Situation, National Defense Policy, National Defense Construction, International Security Cooperation, and Arms Control and Disarmament.

The white paper says that guided by its aspiration for peace and development, China unswervingly pursues a national defense policy that is defensive in nature, keeps national defense construction in a position subordinate to and in the service of the nation's economic construction, strengthens international and regional security cooperation and actively participates in the international arms control and disarmament process.

"Facts show that China is a responsible big country and a firm force safeguarding world peace and stability," the paper points out.

It notes that the development of China requires an environment of long-term international peace, especially a favorable peripheral environment. China holds that conflicts and disputes among countries should be solved in a peaceful way through consultation, and opposes the use or threat of use of force.

"Even when China becomes strong and powerful in the future, it will by no means take to the road of foreign aggression and expansion," according to the paper.

The paper says that as a country in the Asia-Pacific region, China places great importance on the region's security, stability, peace and development. China's Asia-Pacific security strategy has three objectives: China's own stability and prosperity, peace and stability in its surrounding regions, and conducting dialogue and cooperation with all countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Hence China devotes its efforts to promoting equal treatment and friendly cooperation with other countries, and attaches importance to developing healthy and stable relations with all countries and all major forces in the region, according to the paper. It adds that China insists on handling and settling disputes among countries through peaceful means.

In 1995 China issued a white paper titled "China: Arms Control and Disarmament," which mainly describes China's substantial efforts and progress in the sphere of arms control and disarmament. The new white paper gives a further exposition of the country's defense work.

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