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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Clinton Compromises National Security

Reckless Foreign Policy Lets Chinese Nuclear Warheads Target 13 U.S. Cities

Thursday, May 21, 1998

Corruption or Gross Incompetence? According to the CIA, for the first time ever, Communist China now has over a dozen nuclear missiles aimed straight at American cities. Bill Clinton supplied the satellite and guidance technology needed to make the warheads more accurate, reliable and lethal. HISTORY LESSON: In 1995, Clinton over-ruled his own Secretary of State to allow China to launch American-made satellites aboard Chinese rockets. When evidence developed that the Loral Corp. - headed by the Democrat money machine Bernie Schwartz - gave classified technology to the Chinese, Clinton over-ruled his own Justice Department to give Loral the go ahead to launch additional satellites in China. For background and guests, call the RNC Press Office at 202/863-8550.

Democrat Road Blocks: Rather than search for the truth, all 19 Democrats on the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee twice voted not to let 4 witnesses with direct knowledge of the Chinese influence-buying plot testify before the committee. Meanwhile, 92 other witnesses have pleaded the 5th to avoid incrimination or fled the country. LISTENER Q’N’A: Do Democrats in Congress represent the constituents who voted for them, or Bill Clinton’s stonewalling scheme? LET YOUR FINGERS DO THE WALKIN’: Have your listeners demand their congressperson push to get to the bottom of this scandal by calling their representatives at 202/225-3121.

Schwartz Finalist for Cabinet Post: Republican National Committee Chair Jim Nicholson uncovered late Wednesday that Clinton considered Schwartz for his Secretary of Defense on three separate occasions. MONEY TALKS: Schwartz dropped $566,750 into Democrat coffers in the 1995-96 election cycle and another $390,000 in 1997-98.

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