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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

RNC Backgrounder

May 19, 1998


How Bill Clinton Compromised U.S. National Security

And Set Off a Nuclear Arms Race in Asia

Nuclear Missiles Are Now Pointed At U.S. Cities

A recently-released CIA report says that 13 of China’s 18 CSS-4 long-range missiles are now pointed at United States cities.

The accuracy and reliability of those missiles were greatly improved using U.S. technology that Clinton agreed to let China have - against the recommendations of the State Department, the Defense Department, the Justice Department and the intelligence agencies.

The CIA report also concludes that China now views the United States as its major strategic adversary.

Clinton Sparked the Asian Missile Crisis

The renewed arms race in Asia was set off by Clinton’s policies: 1) Clinton approved the transfer of U.S. missile technology to China; 2) China shared technology and equipment with Pakistan and Iran; 3) India, seeing its key adversaries bolster their nuclear missile programs, decided to begin improving its own nuclear capabilities. Last week’s nuclear weapons tests were the result.

Clinton overruled objections from his State Department and Secretary of State Warren Christopher, from the Defense and Justice Departments and from U.S. intelligence agencies to allow missile and satellite technology to be transferred to China. Clinton transferred authority to the Commerce Department under Secretary (and former DNC Chairman) Ron Brown.

China sold missiles and nuclear weapons technology to Pakistan and Iran.

Gross Negligence Or Corruption?

Clinton granted a waiver allowing Loral Space and Communications to give Communist China U.S. missile technology. Loral’s CEO, Bernard Schwartz, was the top contributor to the Democratic National Committee in 1995-96. During that election cycle, he contributed $566,750 to Democratic coffers. In 1997-98, Schwartz gave a total of $390,000 to various Democratic campaign committees and candidates

At the time Clinton granted the waiver, Loral was under investigation by the Justice Department for having previously sold similar technology to China in apparent violation of sanctions imposed on China.

Democrat fundraiser Johnny Chung received $300,000 from the Communist Chinese government to be funneled to the Democrats.

Chung visited the White House more than 40 times.

Congressional Democrats have blocked immunity for witnesses with direct knowledge of the Chinese influence-buying plan.


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