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Bolsonaro Denies Interference With Federal Police, Slams Video 'Evidence'

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00:27 GMT 23.05.2020

Earlier, Brazilian Supreme Court Minister Celso de Mello revealed what is claimed to be "video evidence" recorded at a ministerial meeting on 22 April of the nation's president, Jair Bolsonaro, directly interfering with the Federal Police.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro posted to Facebook that the video, recorded at the ministerial meeting, "does not show any interference" with the Federal Police.

His comments come after the release of a video that allegedly proves that the president was improperly meddling in a criminal investigation into his son, Carlos. The video was declassified by Supreme Justice Celso de Mello after former Minister of Justice Sergio Moro denounced the president for political motivated interference with the nation's security forces.

In the video, Bolsonaro criticizes the fact that it is impossible for him to "officially change his security staff in Rio de Janeiro". During the video the Brazilian president claims that he and his family are "attacked" and "bothered", and declares that he will not put up with it "just because I cannot change someone that is in the first line of security that belongs to our structure ".

"If I cannot change them, I will change their boss. If i cannot change the boss, I will change the minister. End of story. We are not joking here", Bolsonaro declares in the video.

Commenting on the video, Bolsonaro suggested instead that during the meeting he was addressing his own security, not senior police officers, but also noted that every security branch should have "its limits".

After de Mello sent to the attorney general's office (PGR) a request to investigate the cellphones of the president and his son Carlos, head of the Institutional Security Office, General Augusto Heleno, said that the seizure of phones would bring "unpredictable consequences for national stability".

Bolsonaro, responding to the demands, said that "he would never hand over his cellphone" to investigators, declaring that the Supreme Court had "sinned" in suggesting the phone demand.

On 28 April, Bolsonaro named family friend Alexandre Ramagem head of the Federal Police, following the resignation of a Justice Minister who accused the president of politically motivated interference in law enforcement.

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