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Belarus top court reviewing Russian detainees' cases

RIA Novosti

13:16 29/12/2010

MINSK, December 29 (RIA Novosti) - Belarus's Supreme Court is studying the cases of Russian nationals arrested during opposition protests, a court spokesman said on Wednesday.

"We have received complaints from Russian nationals who are asking to be released from custody," the spokesman said. "We are currently examining their cases."

More than 600 protesters, including 11 Russians, were detained and many were injured as Belarusian police brutally dispersed the demonstration when protesters tried to storm parliament following the announcement by the Central Electoral Commission that authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko had won with 79.6% of the vote.

The Russians were given jail sentences from 10 to 15 days.

One of the Russian detainees, Alexander Baranov, who was jailed for 10 days, had appealed his detention, saying he had nothing to do with the protests and had happened to be in the area quite by chance, standing at a bus stop as he was going to meet his girlfriend.

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