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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)



Technical Areas

TA-0 Offsite facilities

TA-2 Omega West nuclear reactor

TA-3 Lab center, main technical area Chemical, Low Level Waste (LLW), Mixed LLW (MLLW) Yes (Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Building, Sigma Complex)

TA-5 Physical support facilities

TA-6 Mostly undeveloped

TA-8 Dynamic testing site Chemical, LLW, MLLW (Radiographic Test Facility)

TA-9 Explosives research Chemical, LLW, MLLW

TA-11 Explosives testing Chemical, LLW, MLLW

TA-14 Dynamic testing site Chemical, LLW, MLLW

TA-15 PHERMEX (5), weapons testing, Dual-Axis Radiographic Hydrotest Facility (DARHT) Chemical, LLW, MLLW

TA-16 Weapons Engineering Tritium Facility (WETF), high explosives processing Chemical, LLW, MLLW (WETF)

TA-18 Nuclear materials studies Chemical, LLW, MLLW Yes (Los Alamos Critical Experiments Facility)

TA-21 Tritium fabrication & testing Chemical, LLW, MLLW, Transuranic waste (TRU) Yes (Tritium Site Test Assembly & Tritium Science and Fabrication Facility)

TA-22 Detonator studies Unknown

TA-28 Explosives storage Chemical, LLW, MLLW

TA-33 High-pressure tritium lab Unknown Yes (Nonproliferation R&D)

TA-33, located in the eastern portion of LANL, is an active testing area. It was used to test initiators (components of nuclear weapons) from 1947 to the 1950's. Tritium plume monitoring called SEAMIST are continuing to track the movement and concentrations of a tritiated water. Tritium plume measurement Installation of absorbers on SEAMIST membrane to 300 ft for wicking of water in vadose zone. Los Alamos National Laboratory TA-33 August 1994 to present Jake Turin

TA-35 Nuclear safeguards research Chemical, LLW, MLLW

TA-36 Explosives testing Chemical, LLW, MLLW

TA-37 Explosives storage Chemical, LLW, MLLW

TA-39 Non-nuclear weapons studies, shock wave physics Chemical, LLW, MLLW

TA-40 Detonator studies Chemical, LLW, MLLW

TA-41 Nuclear components R&D

TA-43 Biology/Genetics Chemical, LLW, MLLW

TA-46 Lasers/Photochemistry & Wastewater system

TA-48 Radiochemistry R&D Chemical, LLW, MLLW Yes (Radiochemistry Lab)

TA-49 Historic underground subcritical tests and unknown current use

TA-50 Waste management Chemical, LLW, MLLW, TRU Yes (Radioactive Liquid Waste Treatment Facility & Waste Characterization, Reduction, and Repackaging Facility)

TA-51 Radwaste impact research

TA-52 Nuclear reactor performance & safety R&D

TA-53 Los Alamos Neutron Science Center Chemical, LLW, MLLW (Isotope Production Facility)

TA-54 Waste disposal and management Chemical, LLW, MLLW, TRU(Area G, Radioassay and Nondestructive Testing Facility)

TA-55 Plutonium Facility site, plutonium processing R&D Chemical, LLW, MLLW, TRU, Mixed TRU waste (MTRUW) (Plutonium Building)

TA-57 Astrophysics observatory and environmental research

TA-58 For future use

TA-59 Health & safety stuff

TA-60 Testing & rack assembly

TA-62 Experimental science

TA-63 Major growth area

TA-64 Hazardous Materials Response Team Headquarters

TA-66 Industrial partnership activities

TA-67 Environmental buffer

TA-68 Dynamic testing site

TA-69 Environmental buffer

TA-70 Environmental buffer

TA-71 Environmenal buffer

TA-72 Firing range

TA-73 Los Alamos airport

TA-74 Water wells

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