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Simorgh-3 New Launch Site

Expected Layout on the Semnan Missile Test Range

© C. P. Vick 2010 All Rights Reserved

May 21, 2010 , March 29, 2013

Simorgh-3’s launch pad was said to be in the planning stage in early May 2010 with the suitable site identified among several available. This strongly indicated that its construction has not started in spite of some European suggestions to the contrary.

The second more permanent advanced launch site then under construction in the 2004 imagery had all the hall marks of the North Korean, Taep’o-dong-2B and Chinese “Long March” launch infrastructure design heritage. It has been so heavily imaged one is drawn to this for its obvious technological surprise strategic implications. The apparent details of its launch infrastructure displays what appears to be the beginning of a single launch vehicle flame jet deflector tunnel to go under or sideways past the gantry umbilical tower beside the pad. There is almost certainly a static in place launch pad structure of similar but larger design to that used by the “Safir” TEL. pad design layout. The gantry umbilical tower will greatly resemble the North Korean, Chinese Long March heritage design probably topped with an assembly gantry crane. In front of and surrounding the pad there appears to be a pad apron for the larger erector transporter (TEL.) to help in assembling the multistage heavier booster. At the far end of the apron away from the pad appears the foundation for a propellant handling infrastructure building that may house a propellant farm behind it furthest away from the pad. There are at least two roads approaching the complex that has the beginnings of a parameter road and fence lines and raised earthen burns among other recognizable features. Until more up to date imagery becomes available it will remain uncertain whether this larger more permanent closely resembling Taep’o-dong-2B type launch facility infrastructure has in fact been started on the Iranian, Semnan Missile & Spaceflight Test range.

The below illustration is a provisional design study of the possible Taep'o-dong-2B type launch facility based on the Google Earth image of the foundation work with the characteristic details.

© C. P. Vick 2010 All Rights Reserved

Simorgh-3 IRILV series of launch vehicle type pad


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