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Iran’s Ballistic Missile Test Ranges


Satellite Launch Corridor

© C. P. Vick 2008 All Rights Reserved

April 3-12, 2008

Credits, References:

1. Originally published by Fars News Agency website, Tehran , in Persian 0845 4 Feb 08. (c) 2008 BBC Monitoring Newsfile. Provided by ProQuest Information and Learning. All rights Reserved. Story from REDORBIT NEWS:

Published: 2008/02/04 09:00:44 CST
© RedOrbit 2005, Iran to Launch Omid Satellite in June 08, to Build Remote-Sensing Satellite, Text of report by Iranian conservative, privately = owned Fars News Agency website, Tehran February 4, 2008


The striking similarity of any Chinese, Pakistani and Iranian solid fuel rockets,

Norbert Brügge, Germany


The North-Korean Nodong missile family, Norbert Brügge, Germany


Iran 's first space launch vehicle Safir IRILV, Norbert Brügge, Germany

5. ,

Various Iranian video’s on the missile and space industry,

Iran Launches Space Programme, Fires Research Rocket video

Iran Launched a Rocket to Send First Satellite video

Iran Space Center video (Persian)

Iran Test Launches Kavoshgar-1 Space Rocket video

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