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Missile Space Industry

Much of the missile and space industry is build in and around the Hemmat Industries in Tehran, Iran. It is located in the Khojir region, in southeastern Tehran , primarily south of Damavand Rd. with its widely spread out research and development infrastructure. Details on that industry has been provided by the latest intelligence from Iran, of the People's Mojahedin of Iran, resistance.

"The Air and Space Organization of the Iranian regime has seven groups of Industries, in the Khojir region, the production divisions for three of these groups are located, namely Hemmat Industrial Group, Bakeri Industrial Group, and a limited part of the Ya-Mahdi Industry. Among the three groups, "Hemmat Industrial Group" is considered to be the most important one in building missiles at the Air and Space Organization. It should also be remembered that the Hemmat Industrial Group is on the list of UN sanctions.

The command center of the Hemmat Industrial Group is located at the Hakimiyeh region, and the address is as follows, Tehran No Street toward Ab-Ali Highway intersection of Azmayesh, Lashgarak Highway, and its plant is on the south of the Babai highway at the Khojir region. At the east side of this road is the Air and Space Industry and the Mechanical industry. Hemmat Industries is located in the most Northern of these sections. The production section of Hemmat Industrial Group is also located at the Khojir region. Production is going on inside the secret tunnels located inside mountains of this region. Even the office buildings of production section are built underground.

Hemmat Industrial Group is comprised of several divisions, which due to the secrecy surrounding their functions, are identified with codes. These codes are as follows:

  • a) Kalhor Industry, code 1500, responsible for launchers.
  • b) Karimi Industry, code 2500, responsible for the missile's fire chain(Launch Equipment).
  • c) Cheraghi Industry, code 3000, responsible for fuel production. (Systems Static Test Firing Center).
  • d) Rastegar Industry, code 4500, responsible for missile engine production.
  • e) Varamini Industry, code 6000, responsible for the guidance and control systems of the missile.
  • f) Movahed Industry, code 7500, responsible for the building of the body and final assembly of the missiles.
  • g) Nouri Industry, code 8500, responsible for the building of warheads".


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