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Project 921 Shenzhou References
China and Piloted Space Programs

  • China and Russia Challenging the Space Leadership of the United States - OPEN SOURCE ESTIMATE By Charles P. Vick 25 Oct 2005, Updated 21 Apr 2006
  • China Winning Moon Race In another glaring case of the US, Central Intelligence Agency, community failure to recognize what is going on fully has been revealed due to recent space development events. One day we may wake up to a technological surprise an realize with little warning that China has launch a precursor un-crewed lunar circum-navigation Shenzhou/Zond mission or an earth orbital rendezvous lunar orbit mission because once the LM-5 booster becomes operational after 2010.

  • The god boat 5th airship will launch in the daytime ascends the sky the first person still unknown 21st century economies report 2003-9-26 - According to the insider disclosed that, on the god boat 5th airship has three seats, but this definitely cannot on three astronauts. Extrapolated according to this public figure that, on a 5 person of probability is only bigger, has the possibility to come up the same day to return.
  • The Shenzhou manned vehicle 2003-9-18 Beijing space science and technology information research institute China will break through take the airship junction can dock, the spacelab, the satellite network and the lunar survey and so on as representative's astronautics essential technology.
  • Chinese manned vehicle progress status 2002-12-27 Beijing space science and technology information research institute The Shenzhou manned vehicle not only can cause China to become in the world 3rd to grasp the man-in-space flight technology the country, moreover can cause Chinese the manned vehicle technology to achieve or to surpass the Soviet Russian 3rd generation of manned vehicle the level.
  • Chinese development manned vehicle 2002-12-27 Beijing space science and technology information research institute Premier Zhou Enlai realistically specially spoke several principles on the Chinese development, its general idea was: Does not carry out the outer space competition with the Soviet Union and American great nation, must first do well Earth's on matter.
  • " The god boat " carries the person is just round the corner 2002-12-27 Beijing space science and technology information research institute According to the Chinese spatial technology research institute's expert introduces, started in 1992 to develop before the manned vehicle, " 863 " the high-tech astronautics domain experts once conducted several years research for this question.
  • Party's third generation leads the collective concern 2002-12-27 Beijing space science and technology information research institute General Secretary Jiang many times makes the important instruction to the project, proposed " was scrupulous about every detail, the minutes and seconds was not bad " Comrade Li Ruihuan, Hu Jintao, Wei Jianxing, Li Lanqing also makes clear instructs.
  • Few Humans Make It To the Final Frontier in 1999, As China Prepares to Join Astronaut Club By Paul Hoversten 27 December 1999 -- Pike says "I'm assuming not only will we see some activity out of the Chinese but it's going to be an eventful year with the station because once it achieves permanent occupancy we will have established a toehold in space and we will not retreat from it."
  • A divine lift-off for China The Economist 27 November 1999 -- As Mr Pike points out, perhaps it is better to have a China that sees spaceships, rather than just missiles, as the coin of international prestige, and as an occupation for its engineers.
  • China to send man to space People's Daily November 23, 1999 -- China will need to launch fewer unmanned space flights than what the United States and Russia undertook before it will be able to send its astronauts into space, a senior Chinese space expert claimed.
  • CHINA / SPACE Voice of America 22 November 1999 -- : China's national pride over the weekend's successful first space launch was reflected Monday in the media throughout the country.
  • CHINA LAUNCHES UNMANNED SPACECRAFT CBS MORNING NEWS 22 November 1999 -- Mr. PIKE: The Chinese-piloted space program today is basically where we were in the early 1960s. They have nothing resembling our space shuttle, and they're obviously very far away from being able to do Apollo.
  • China moves a step closer to a manned space mission USA TODAY November 22, 1999 "They're doing their homework, as they should. I'd assume they'll do one more flight test in December and then probably in the first half of next year do the manned flight," says Charles Vick, an expert on China's program at the Federation of American Scientists
  • China Plans to Join an Exclusive Club Newsweek, November 29, 1999 -- Beijing's most compelling reason for pursuing manned space flight is to prove its "big-power status." Says John Pike of the Federation of American Scientists: "Putting a man in space with its own rockets visibly demonstrates China has stood up."
  • China fired up to join superpowers in space BY SETH BORENSTEIN San Jose Mercury News November 22, 1999 -- ``The spacecraft is a Russian spacecraft with Chinese characteristics,'' said John Pike, space policy director for the Federation of American Scientists.
  • Chinese Test Craft For Manned Orbits By Michael Laris Washington Post November 22, 1999 -- "The fact that they were successful is a major step forward," said Charles Vick, an expert on space issues at the Washington-based Federation of American Scientists who said China could send an animal into space as early as next month and a person before the middle of next year. The Chinese tested "everything but having a man on board . . . The launch vehicle and the spacecraft worked together as they should."
  • China Successfully Launches First Experimental Spacecraft People's Daily Sunday, November 21, 1999 - China's first experimental spacecraft, part of the country's manned space flight program, touched down in the central Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in north China at 3:41 a.m. (Beijing time) on November 21, successfully concluding the first flight of the system.
  • Top Chinese Authorities Commend Successful Experiment of First Spaceflight People's Daily Sunday, November 21, 1999 - According to the telegram, the success marks a new step for China's space industry and is of great significance to boosting the country's high-technology development and arousing the enthusiasm of all ethnic groups.
  • 21-hour voyage of China's first spacecraft successful (Xinhua) 21 November 1999 -- The spacecraft was landed with loadfulls of scientific experiment data, after a space voyage of 21 full hours for China's first spacecraft.
  • Expert on China's space program (Xinhua) 21 November 1999 -- It is significant for China to develop manned spaceflight technology, the expert said, as it will strengthen the country's comprehensive national strength, promote the development of science and technology, enhance national prestige, boost the nation's sense of pride and cohesiveness.
  • China Plans to Join International Space Station Project People's Daily Friday, January 14, 2000 -- According to the Ministry of Science and Technology, China is currently drawing up plans to participate in the international space station project.

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